Heathrow Airport, scent globe, passengers sniff destinations
In order to stay innovative, competitive and offer customers the experience of a lifetime, Heathrow airport’s Terminal 2 in London makes sure that we as the travellers are treated to the full experience of the trip, beginning from the moment we step into our gates. A sensory journey is just as tantalizing as an actual flight towards the destination, meaning that the opportunity to enjoy the fragrance of Thailand, South Africa, Japan, China, and Brazil doesn’t go unappreciated. There are 28 countries that only Heathrow airport provides the chance to fly to, out of which these 5 were most certainly some of the best in exotic destinations. They are some of the most popular destinations for travellers through the airport and most certainly some of the most aromatic!

When they enter the right terminal, individuals are greeted with a scent globe showing the destinations and puffing out the perfume-like cloud to transport one into the crevices of the mind’s imagination. The way it has been designed, passengers are treated to such variations as including notes of tribal incense, wild grass and musky animalics for South Africa, whilst rich rainforest fauna with a palette of coffee, tobacco and jasmine prepare them for the taste of Brazil. The beauty of Japan is presented through the scents of cool, oceanic tones with a mix of seaweed and shell extracts, green tea and Ambergris; this reminds us of the essence found in small coastal villages that represented the Pacific Island. The Far East reminds of of exotic and mystical regions, wherein the fragrance of both Thailand and China have the power to transport us over before we set foot on that plane. China’s mystical temple incense and subtle Osmanthus Fragrans flower are the backdrop for the powerful aroma that creates an orient explosion. On the other hand, Thailand place the focus on tastes and tantalises with a mix of lemongrass, ginger and coconut.

Heathrow Airport, scent globe, passengers smell destinations

Though we don’t know if the other terminals will allow follow suit and offer their scents, it’s certainly a beckoning beacon for those travellers planning a visit to either of these 5 countries for the moment!

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