Don’t be afraid of pick-pockets and thieves while traveling! Instead, check out these anti-theft accessories and devices that you may not have seen before.

1. Pocket Underwear

Pocket Underwear by Clever Travel Companion for man and woman

Travel worry free with these zippered pocket undies createed by Clever Travel Companion. Available in both men’s and women’s styles, these briefs come with ample space for passports, id cards, cash, and credit cards.

2. Phone Wrist Wallet

Phone Wrist Wallet for travel

A lightweight and easy-to-use way to carry your phone, this wrist wallet can also hold other valuables without risking them slipping out.

3. Beach Vault

Perfect for beach vacations, this waterproof capsule is designed to protect your keys, cellphone, wallet and kindle from getting stolen by easily burring in the sand.

4. Silk Undercover Bra Stash

Eagle Creek, Silk Undercover Bra Stash

Ladies, this one is for you. Snap this silk, discrete money stash underneath your clothing to your bra for a safer way to carry your cash. It fits close to the body and is moisture-resistant, providing a secure way to store your credit cards, ID’s, and cash.

5. SlotFlop Sandals


Perfect for men and women, these flip flops have a hidden compartment in the sole of the shoe that can store your cash, keys, or credit cards easily and discretely.

6. RFID Blocking Passport & Card Sleeves

RFID Blocking Credit Card and Passport Sleeves

Did you know your passports and credit cards may contain information carrying chips, called RFID? While generally speaking these embedded chips allow for faster check out and airport security lines, the same technology can be used to steal your personal information. Protect your identity from electronic pickpocketing with this protective sleeve shield technology.

7. Portable Safe

Travelsafe 5L GII portable safe

Secure all of your small valuables in this 5L portable safe. Easy for packing, this device offers a patented locking system that can be secured a fixture in your hotel room, pool, car, or in flight.