A True Bird's Eye View of London and Paris Seen by Strapping Camera to Eagles
You may have been to London and looked upon the city from the highest tower. You may have been to Paris and enjoyed the twinkling of its lights. You may have even seen the Alps from a higher vintage, but you certainly have never seen any place from an eagle’s back. We are not Harry Potter’s magical classmates here and there are no eagles large enough to carry men on their backs. What we can do, however, to discover how these magnanimous birds view our world, is to strap a GoPro or Sony Action camera on their backs and literally feel like we’re riding these creatures. A joint project between the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and French falconer Jacques Olivier, videos have been released on a Youtube page which present information about the white-tailed eagle as well as allowing the world to watch the London Bridge and Olympic stadium through the eyes of the bird. Since this eagle is nearly extinct in the world, with only a single wild one left in the Alps, there is a major push to reintroduce the species into the wild and encourage mating in a fight to bring back animals that have all but disappeared from the world.

Watch this video for incredible view of Tower Bridge from an eagle flying over London:

Watch the footage of the eagle flying above Paris:

This project helps mark 50 years of the IUCN Red List of the world’s most threatened species. There are too many on this list that have disappeared over the past 100 years due to irresponsible human activity, giving us something to really think about. Reintroducing certain gravely endangered species into the wild is a great way to save those remaining from extinction as well. Plus, an exhibition like this incorporating technological advances and nature’s creations in one fun project is certainly as entertaining as it is educational.

In this video you can watch a bird’s eye view of an eagle flying from St Paul’s Cathedral in London:

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