Helping travellers and expats find trusted service providers in a foreign country


When it comes to finding services in a foreign land, Angloberry is the best place to look. Here you'll find a wide range of English-speaking service providers from various sectors who can help with your every need when abroad - from travel agencies, relocation specialists and job search advisors to babysitters, student consultants, visa assistants and night club promoters.


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Going abroad for holidays? Here you can browse through travel agencies, tour organizers, private guides, holiday rental services, concierge firms and party promoters who will help you discover the new destination and get the most out of your trip.


Relocating to a foreign country and finding local service providers is a huge challenge. Angloberry makes an expat's life easier by bringing into one place immigration and recruitment agencies, baby sitters, translators, removal companies and other service providers.


International students can use Angloberry to find school/course search advisors, volunteer and holiday working holiday providers, student support services, internship consultants, student accommodation, furniture rentals and visa advisors in the new city they go to study.


If you need to relocate your employees overseas, Angloberry is your one-stop-shop for searching relocation consultants, destination advisors, visa specialists, translators, language courses, and other businesses offering services you need.


No language barrier

Businesses listed on Angloberry provide their services in multiple languages. You can easily find provider who speak English or your native language.  

Reviews help make a better choice

Angloberry provides an opportunity for people to share experience about service prviders. Reading what others say help to make the right desicion.  

Find providers GLOBALLY

Angloberry has been launched just recently, but grows really fast. Soon you’ll be able to search for service providers in every major city of the world.  

DISCOVER new services

At Angloberry you may come across providers offering services you didn’t know exist and which could be very helpful to you, such as help with accommodation search, hotel babysitting and personal shopping.