A lot of people think that the UK hasn’t much to offer in the way of holidays, but what could be better than a traditional British seaside break? Nothing, that’s what!

There are actually loads of fantastic beaches throughout the UK that you can enjoy, so if you’re thinking about taking your holiday at the seaside, consider one of these beaches:

Bournemouth Beach, England

Bournemouth beach England UK
Image: Bournemouth beach (England, UK) by jeremytarling via Flickr

Located in Dorset, Bournemouth Beach features seven miles of golden sand that’s ideal for sandcastle building. It does get pretty busy during the summertime, but if you get there early enough you’re guaranteed a spot for your towel. You can head into the town to do some shopping as well, and there’s always a fish supper on the cards when staying in Bournemouth!

Blackpool Beach, England

Blackpool is the home of the traditional seaside break, where you can buy rock, postcards and amazing ice cream along the promenade. The beach is famous for its donkey rides, which are still going today, and the beach theme parks containing extreme roller coasters and rides. The beach itself is fantastic for families too!

Skegness Beach, England

Skegness is a Blue Flag Beach, which means it’s kept perfectly clean throughout the year. The whole family will enjoy a trip to Skegness beach, where you’ll be able to enjoy donkey rides and sandcastle building. As the beach is patrolled by lifeguards you’ll be able to swim safely in the sea, and you can go for walks along the beach to experience the beautiful location.

Luskentyre Beach, Scotland

If you want smooth, white sands, Luskentyre is the beach for you. This beach on the Isle of Harris is about as picturesque as you can get, with wild horses, endless stretches of clear sands and amazing views over the Western Isles — you couldn’t ask for much more!

Blackpool Sands Beach, England

Blackpool Sands beach Devon England UK
Image (the second one): Blackpool Sands beach (Devon, England, UK) by steve p2008 via Flickr

Families will absolutely adore Blackpool Sands Beach in South Devon, which shouldn’t be confused with Blackpool Beach in the North West. It’s actually a shingle beach, but there is a small sand area for sandcastle building. Kids can paddle in the surf with supervision and those that want to try their hand at kayaking or windsurfing are welcome to at this beach.

Camber Sands Beach, England

This beach in East Sussex boasts the only sand dune system in the county, making it ideal for beach walks. It’s also a popular spot for kitesurfing, kiteboarding and kite buggying thanks to its wide bay that brings in good conditions. If you want to try any of these water sports though you’ll need to stick within the designated area.

Do you have any UK seaside breaks booked?


This post was written by Jill Wooly. Jill is a freelance writer specialising in amazing weekend breaks.