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Last year nearly seventeen and a half million passengers travelled through Stansted Airport – it’s the third busiest in London and the fourth most used in the whole of the UK. If you’re flying into the British capital there’s every chance you could be travelling through the transport hub.

Whether you’re staying at Stansted, or just passing through on the way to London, you’ll find the airport is well-served by transport connections. Here are the main ways that you can cover the 35 miles from the airport to London city centre:


The quickest way to get from Stansted to central London is by taking the train. Stansted’s railway station is situated directly below the terminal and is easy to find. The Stansted Express runs every 15 minutes and will take just 47 minutes to make the journey from Stansted to Liverpool Street Station in the heart of the city. You can book tickets online before you arrive at the airport, or pick them up at the station.


This is generally the cheapest way to get into town – although it is a bit slower. A number of coaches run the route, all starting out from the coach station opposite the airport. A regular shuttle bus leaves the airport every 30 minutes, and national operators also offer services from the airport. Local bus companies also run from the airport and offer an even cheaper, if even slower option.


You can’t beat taxis for convenience and over 500 companies service the airport so you should have little problem in finding a cab. You’ll find a reservation desk in the international arrivals area but beyond that there are several complimentary phones that will put you in touch with a taxi company – and if all else fails speak to the information desk and they can sort you out a car.


Rental companies are well represented at Stansted and most of the big global firms are present in the airport. For the best rates you should book ahead but there are rental desks near the arrival lounge where you can organise a rental. That leaves you facing the drive to your London destination. To make this as easy as possible, go online and work out the best route beforehand. Just remember you’ll be liable to pay the congestion charge when you make the journey into the city.

Image by jon smith via Flickr

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