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Brits love their pets. It’s a fact. There have been countless probably-not-very-academic studies done on the subject – Brits love their pets more than their partner, Brits Love their pets more than their grandparents and more than their children. Actually the last one isn’t true. Well there hasn’t been a study done on it yet so it may even be possible!

But we shouldn’t need a survey like this to tell us the obvious. A quick walk through most towns in the UK will yield at least one crazy English person with a dolled-up poodle in tow. There’s even a market for pet fashions as Harrods will tell you. Every year they host a Pet a Porter Fashion show, showcasing all of the latest pet must have items.

Andy Peck, owner of, a website which connects pet owners with people who will live in their home and pet sit for them while they’re away, says Britain is definitely one of the top pet-loving nations in the world.

“We have pet sitting assignments from all over the world and of all the countries using the site, the UK is definitely tops in terms of the number of house sits. Currently we have around 800 UK pet sits. Compare that to Australia which has just 200. The population difference might account for some of it, but even with that taken into account the Brits still lead!”

And for those of us that aren’t finding pet sitters to look after our pets (as opposed to put them into boarding) there’s an every growing demand for pet hotels and even luxury resorts. Take Hayfields Dog Hotel, a luxury dog hotel that prides itself on having the intimate care and service we would come to expect from a boutique hotel, but for dogs. Hayfields has eight acres of grounds, luxurious rooms and provides wonderful home-cooked, holistic meals for canine guests. All cooked on an AGA of course, another British obsession.

If you don’t get enough of your dog in life, in Britain it’s also a common desire to be buried with your pets. According ABC news, British people see their pets as family and so as with family members, they like to be buried together. Dogs are most likely to be buried with their owners, but it’s not unknown for cats, birds and even horses to make the cut as well.

Do the British love their pets? Absolutely! More than any other nation? This writer thinks so, but there are definitely a few other nations like the US that would like to fight for the title.

Image by James Jin via Flickr

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