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When we think clubbing and island life together, there is only one place that really comes to mind: Ibiza. Known to the world’s youthful population as the most fun one can have up till down with your clothes on, the island of Ibiza offers some of the best destinations to visit that one can hope for on a vacation. And that is not including those world renowned clubs, bars and restaurants the island has to offer. The White Isle has much to offer by day as well, from fantastic beaches to shopping points that can empty your wallet many times faster than you filled it, but will be worth every penny spent. If you have a certain fondness for travel and you do like a good club here and there, even if it is not a daily treat, Ibiza will definitely be on your bucket list.

There is one problem, though. Ibiza might be an island, but it is huge. If you are coming over to the area for the first time, you will be clueless as to which hotels to book, restaurants to eat from, shops to visit, destinations to explore, and clubs to party at. That is where the Clubbers App to Ibiza app comes in and suddenly turns into your very best friend. It is the ultimate guide to discovering every last bit of the White Isle, including the latest news and events calendars, over 1200 restaurants, bars and shops, and all the latest clubbing information that might become necessary on your Ibiza vacation. It features a full GPS system so you never get lost, with interactive maps that help you get back to where you want to be.

Clubbers App to Ibiza 1Over the years, the island has captured the hearts of art lovers, ravers, history mongers and more, allowing tourists from all over to discover the many secrets it has singing through its olden castles and pumping over the dance floor. Ibiza has become an island that truly caters to all whims and fancies, with 5* spa hotels, LGBT-friendly hangouts, beautiful beaches, and live DJ performances that can be seen and/or heard from hotel suites. The app will help you navigate through the island, getting you what you desire most: party lovers will enjoy Playa d’en Bossa or Sn Antonio Bay, families may opt for Santa Eulalia and those who like things off the grid might wish to wander into rural hotels in the Ibizan countryside at Santa Ines. It will assist in deciding on your accommodations, tours, entertainments spaces and more, making your bucket list vacation as enjoyable as can be. Welcome to Ibiza!

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‘Clubbers App to Ibiza’ is absolutely FREE and you can download it from Apple Store and Google Play.

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