Jumbo Jet Hostel Stockholm Arlanda plane hostel
It’s not very often that we dream about staying the night in a jumbo jet that’s been converted into a mini hotel, including beds in cockpit and all, but sometimes startups cater to needs we didn’t know we had. For those who crave the airport experience or simply do not want to rush to their gate early in the morning, this jumbo jet turned hostel with 27 comfortable rooms and 76 beds may be an interesting option for you. It may, however be just a little too pricey at starting prices of 50 Euros a night for shared rooms of 4. However, a couple who would prefer a private room with private bathroom would have to dish out around 120 Euros a person. As of 2009, this rather interesting choice of accommodations has served the public and has earned a relatively high rating on TripAdvisor. It certainly gives a new description to the term sleeping on a plane. For those who have early flights from Arlanda, it’s apparently a definite recommendation.

Located in Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, Jumbo Stay Hostel is created out of a Boeing 747-212B from 1976, with each of the 27 rooms being around 6 sqm large and 3 meters high to the ceiling. The owner of the jet hostel Oscar Diös, previously owns and operates the hostel Uppsala Vandrarhem och Hotell. When he decided to expand his business in 2006, a run-down old aircraft was for sale and he decided to meet traveller needs by creating a rather new concept of overnight lodgings. The touristic appeal of the place is enough to attract clients to the region, and thus even help boost the economy of the region by a small amount. The jet had been made for Singapore Airlines, served with the legendary Pan Am and retired when Swedish TransJet went bankrupt in 2002. It’s a great place to stay if only for the experience, particularly if you’re afraid of flying, while the mini conference room that used to be the First Class lounge allows for impromptu meetings to be held on deck.

Plane-hotel Jumbo Stay Hostel, room, Stockholm, Sweden, Arlanda airportThe room with single beds

Plane-hotel Jumbo Stay Hostel, outside design, Stockholm, Sweden, Arlanda airportThe Jumbo Stay Hostel is located in a transformed Boeing aircraft

Plane-hotel Jumbo Stay Hostel, Cockpit room, Stockholm, Sweden, Arlanda airportThe Cockpit Suite with views of the runway

Plane-hotel Jumbo Stay Hostel, Jumbo Bar, Stockholm, Sweden, Arlanda airportThe Jambo Bar

Between hotel amenities such as WiFi, room service, televisions, Jumbo Bar and Jumbo Lounge, this little Swedish hostel jet treats its passengers really well. It’s certainly well worth the visit.

Watch the video below on how the Jumbo Stay Hostel looks inside: