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If you mention the phrase ‘road trip’ to most people they will conjure up images of traversing the United States from east to west or perhaps a journey across Australia from Brisbane to Perth. A car-based odyssey is always a wonderful adventure, and is pretty much guaranteed to make a whole host of memories that will last a lifetime.

One of the world’s most popular countries with tourists is the UK, but many people may have thought a road trip across the nation wasn’t perhaps a good idea. However, it would be an excellent option, partly because it’s possible to travel at a relatively slow pace from the south to the north, taking in plenty of sights along the way, in a short time.

Should you make a start in the south-east corner of England, you could begin your journey in view of one of the most famous locations of all. The White Cliffs of Dover became a poignant symbol of the country as soldiers, sailors and airmen left the UK to fight in two world wars, and they remain a welcoming sight for returning Brits to this day.

A capital idea, old bean

Heading west, the M2 motorway takes you to London, the county’s largest city and one of the most famous capitals in the world. With plenty to see and do, a few days will be needed to take in as many of the landmarks as possible. North of London you’ll find Birmingham, England’s second largest city and home to several important attractions.

The Midlands region of England is chiefly associated with heavy industry, but this hasn’t detracted from the beauty of the landscape. There is some wonderful countryside to be savoured in the area, and an added bonus is the highly beautiful town of Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

Manchester and Liverpool await if you travel north-west, and after that comes perhaps the most picturesque English region of all. The Lake District is home to several stunning bodies of water and a distinctive range of hills and mountains, so be sure to have your camera with you at all times during this stage of your journey.

As you cross the border into Scotland, you will be delighted by the wide open spaces that await you. Scotland is known throughout the world for the beauty of its lochs and mountains, so lovers of natural splendour will feel at home right away. It’s also a sensible option to set aside a little time to explore the city of Edinburgh, because it offers a wonderful combination of historic buildings, modern attractions and an exciting nightlife.

This is a guest post provided by David Showell who has driven across the UK on several occasions.

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