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New-York-Night-People-Taxis-Traffic-how to speak new york fun guideImage credit: Chris Chabot

Often when tourists visit the famous cities of New York and New Jersey, they are faced with a major problem. Despite knowing proper English, perhaps even with the best American accent, they may stumble over words used in both cities that really sound so wrong to the ears. Despite what you may think those words should be pronounced as, between Harlem and Brooklyn you have a specific accent to emulate if you want to get your point across. The WNYC data news team has launched a new project ‘How to Speak New York‘ in which the proper way to speak in New York and New Jersey dialects is broadcasted, providing a rather clear tutorial on how to pronounce each funny-sounding or looking word.

New-York-Night-People-Taxis-Traffic-how to speak new york fun guide screenshot
There’s a pigeon rocking some funky headphones going through some of the major sites of the city and presenting the proper pronunciations with voice and wording. Not only are there some famous landmarks, but also transportation systems and even the former governor of New York. Familiar voiced from the WNYC lineup are used to correctly speak the words, including Amy Eddings from All Things Considered, Soterios Johnson from The Morning Edition, Manoush Zomorodi from  New Tech City, and others.

Try it now by clicking on the pigeon below