London A Winter Wonderland (cool things to do in London in winter)

It’s time to don your woollen scarf, cashmere sweater and trench coat. Yes, winter is here and tis the season that displays the Capital in all its glory. For both tourists and locals, London in winter transformed itself in a wonderland for kids and grown ups alike. Braving the cold and rain is often a rewarding experience for the city has so much to offer.

Think style, think fashion, and think culture.

Quintessential Victorian London was captured through Charles Dickens masterpieces, and to  celebrate his bicentenary the Charles Dickens Museum based at his very house is being refurbished in time to host an exhibition in his honour all the way through until June next year, called Great Expectations.

Who knew such a vast city could feel so quaint with the aid of a few thousand fairy lights and the waft of chestnuts roasting from street vendors dotted across the streets? If you can, enjoy the spectacle on traffic free shopping days ( December 10th, 11th and 26th) and amble around at your leisure.

An all in one goldmine for those short of time is the National History Museum, with an ice rink outside and a beautiful winter market to try out your haggling skills.

Nothing says London quite like the Theatre darling, and the Nutcracker – English National Ballet will have you reeling in sophistication for weeks after. Set in a gas lit, frosty London, the Tchaikovsky score and Edwardian elegance of this timeless ballet simply cannot fail to please.  If this tickles your fancy, dates are playing through December, though book in advance wherever possible; it is London after all.

Stroll around Soho streets and jump in from one trendy store to another picking up some trendy, chic, funny and quirky and amazing toys and gifts for your friends and family.

So your nose is cold and your feet are aching after a hard day playing the tourist, so why not sit back on the sightseeing bus and let the talking guides do the work for you. The gigantic Norwegian Christmas Tree at Trafalgar Square is a must see, preferably by night to take advantage of all its twinkly beauty.

But after all, Christmas is about more than material goods. It’s about peace and love to all, so what more could you ask to warm your spirit than an amble through the Peace Walk – a public trail designed to engage all faiths and monuments of historic events.

Take the time to balance your soul and give your wallet a rest. Not only does it save those copper pennies ready for your next visit, it leaves you feeling cosy and festive.

What more could you wish for?

This post was written by Freddy on behalf of He is an avid traveller and euro enthusiast who lived in UK, Germany, France, Spain, Czech republic and Ukraine. Now on the other Side of the world in Sydney, Fred enjoys living by the sea and working on his own new business.

Image: Ice skating at Somerset House ice rink (London, UK) by fsse8info via Flickr

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