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London is a thriving hub for business hosting regular networking events and trade shows. With so many business owners flocking to London on a daily basis for meetings, conferences and talks it’s a great place to make new contacts and secure new clients. If you have an up and coming business trip make the most of being in one of the business centres of the world and plan your trip ahead.


Networking events are a daily occurrence in London. Whether you are there for a night or a week take advantage and attend at least one. Networking is great for making new contacts that may be able to help you and your business. You may also find new leads and even secure some new clients through networking. The more you put yourself and your business out there the more people will know your company name.

Networking events in London range from casual drinks, to arranged and orderly meetings and full blown banquets. They are good fun so if you don’t come across any interesting leads at least you will have enjoyed yourself and spread awareness of your business.

Trade shows and events

There are monthly trade shows and business events hosted in London every year at various London locations and London conference venues. A big one this year is in June – The Business Show. Whenever your trip is, look up all the trade shows and business events which will be happening at the time and consider if any would be worth attending.

Carry out meetings

If it’s not often you are in London, rather than carrying out the one meeting you are travelling for take advantage and meet anyone and everyone you may need to. There are some greatLondon conference venues which you can rent by the hour or book for the whole day. If you have any clients in London take advantage and ask them to attend a catch up, if you have any potential leads in London ask for half an hour of their time. Make the most of being in a city full of fellow business men and women and use this to your advantage.

If you are travelling a long way to London just for one meeting it can seem like a long way to go, so make the most of your trip by holding any meetings that would be beneficial, attending networking and any events and trade shows relevant to your business.

This post was contributed by Eilidh MacRae. Eilidh works for Hubworking who supply London conference venues.

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