Moving to London Advantages of living in the UK capital

Moving is a big event in anyone’s life, but moving to a whole new city is huge! Yet exciting. Many people talk about the negative aspects of living in London, but do not stop to consider all the positives. You would be in a great location which is the centre of attention for many tourists and even celebrities. Here are some reasons why you should consider living in London despite the negative comments…

Great public transport links

There are plenty of options for public transport in London. The London Underground can take you to a number of destinations, so the chances are wherever you need to be, the underground will get you there. To be honest, there is really no need for a car when you are living in London. Even if you want to visit your hometown at the weekend there are trains you can catch.

Great nightlife

People from all over the country will or will already have travelled to London for a night out. There are so many big clubs located in London, so you will not be disappointed with a night out in this city with your friends. Why not go and see for yourself??

Plenty of entertainment and shops

With the O2 arena in London, you will never be lost for something to go and see. So many bands perform at the O2 arena, so you would be fairly unlucky if the band you love never performs there. There are also a ton of sights to see, including Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. The Royal Opera House, the Sea Life Aquarium, and the Science Museum are all located in London. It would be difficult not to find something that interests you. Shopping is also a great aspect of London and many celebrities are pictured on the streets of London with their numerous shopping bags.

Great jobs and more money

There are so many job opportunities in London and many of the big companies and headquarters are located there. Also, salaries are generally higher! Which is always a good thing. The only negative to this is the cost of living is higher, however, this should not put you off because the salaries in London are certainly liveable!

So if you were undecided about whether London is the place for you to be, then surely you will have made up your mind by now. London is a fantastic city and it has so many positive aspects to it. London certainly has a lot to offer any visitor or resident!

This post was contributed by Candy Wright. Candy is very family orientated and she will do whatever is best for you family. She recommends weighing up all options before making decisions. She also recommends contacting Saint Property Services if you are considering moving home.

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