best-western-opera-batignolles-4-lobby-barBEST WESTERN Opera Batignolles hotel in Paris comes among the 20 most recommended hotels on Hotelwatchdog

When we plan on heading out for a trip outside our city limits, we often turn to aggregators that can come up with some of the best options for us to choose from. This includes hotels, airfares, car rentals, etc. It also means that we have to search up a few different sites that pull together millions of pieces of data, filter through each for best results and weed out the places that are too expensive, with lowest ratings or that are just not in the region we want them to be in. It’s hard work that could definitely use the help of a single site that really acts like a watchdog, presenting only the best options tailored to our needs.This is where Airfarewatchdog spin off Hotelwatchdog comes in.

Hotelwatchdog from airfarewatchdog
Rather than presenting the customer with a huge list of hotels with too many filters to go through, Hotelwatchdog automatically picks the top 20 properties in any particular destination, using tools to analyze ratings, price and location,  before allowing you to make your choice. These properties are chosen by going through thousands of TripAdvisor guest reviews as well as the price information available throughout the year for the place, thus helping determine which properties offer the best value. It compares both online agency prices and hotel-specific sites to find the best match for you. As such, while its the cream of the crop that are presented, the aim is to save consumers time by only putting forward the hotels that might actually appeal to their tastes. What every customer wants is the best quality for the least amount spent, and that’s exactly what Hotelwatchdog gives.

While there are competitors out there, none give the same service, instead coming up with listings of 300+ options that one is left to sift through. Considering the fact that it works with TripAdvisor sister companies, Hotelwatchdog might as well be the best aggregator on the Internet at the moment.

Watch this video below to see how Hotelwatchdog works: