the Supersonic Aerion AS2 above the sky
Have you ever wanted to fly at supersonic speeds and get from point A to point B in a fraction of the time it takes with a typical plane? You ride business class but other than the comfort of your seats, you experience no decrease in flight times and you know full well that time is money. For those who would really like to get to their destination fast, arrive there first and enjoy the comforts of a rather futuristic but currently available air ride, the Supersonic Aerion AS2 is probably a good alternative to typical flights.

the Supersonic Aerion AS2 interior
“Since its founding in 2002, Aerion has invested more than $100 million in R&D, much of it in conjunction with NASA and other prominent aerospace research organizations, to develop concepts for a family of efficient supersonic jets. Over that time, it has developed, flown and proven supersonic natural laminar flow airfoils that reduce wing friction drag by as much as 50 percent, and overall airframe drag by as much as 20 percent,” states the official Aerion website.

the Supersonic Aerion AS2 top view
The corporation’s efforts have culminated in the Mach 1.6 AS2 business jet, which is more than capable of crossing the Atlantic or Pacific nearly twice as fast as today’s subsonic jets. That means cutting down a 9-10 hour flight in half, making across-ocean travelling a breeze of a flight. At the moment, with all the planning and execution of creating these jets, it appears that we will have them in the market and available for mass use by 2021. Flying at 1,217mph (currently the average civilian plane travels at 750mph) the Aerion AS2 will seat 12 passengers in style, be able to switch between subsonic and supersonic easily, as well as use its triple jets to propel around the runway and through the air with ease and having had its noise reduced.

Watch the video below to see Supersonic Aerion in action:

Now let’s see how much flights with these jets will cost the average population…