Ever wondered which is the best city to live in if you are young, vibrant and full of energy? Of course, you need to take wages, living conditions and rental fees into consideration as well, alongside the bills and all the costs of daily life. There are so many cities in the world to choose from, whether they be large metropolitans or smaller cozier but extravagant communities, and you often are faced with a conundrum. Which city is best for you?

Youthfulcities is a web space catering to the questions of the youth around the world through their empirical studies on the best cities for the youth to congregate in. It’s no secret that a city full of young people ages 16-29 has a very different outlook and certain vibrancy that’s lacking in cities where the majority are older adults and retirees. When there is a certain population market, governments are forced to meet those demands and cities full of young people enjoy higher wages, quality entertainment, and special privileges.

The latest Youthful Cities 2014 Affordability Index study looked at the most affordable places for the youth to be living these days, taking into account everything from taxation to movie ticket prices, food costs, rentals, and transportation feed, what they found was:

1. MINIMUM WAGE. Paris tops the list when it comes to receiving minimum wage. At $12.84 since June 1, 2012, the French city is crowned best city for youth who wish to make a decent living off minimum wage. Coming in a close second and third, Berlin and Rome are looking at over $11.00 themselves, with the former closer to $12.00.

Paris seen from Ile de St LouisImage: Paris seen from Ile de St Louis by Moyan Brenn/Flickr

2. MOVIE TICKETS. When it comes to the movie-going experience, the index calculate the number of hours one has to work in order to be able to afford a single movie ticket. Rome’s latest slash at movie prices increased its revenue with the doubling population of film-seekers. At just under 1 hour of work needed to see a single movie, Rome tops the charts, followed by Berlin and then Paris, where the latter requires one hour worth of pay for a movie. Nairobi is at the end of the index with 49.59 hours of work required to see a single flick.



3. RENT. Rome has a rather attractive rental environment where price comparisons keep the costs stable and rank it at most affordable city to rent in. Requiring only 115 hours of work at minimum wage to be able to afford the rent in Berlin, youth can also choose Rome and Chicago as secondary options requiring over 180 hours each but coming in 2nd and 3rd on the index.



4. DOZEN EGG. Berlin, Chicago and Tokyo all require less than 30 min of work wages to buy a dozen eggs, making food quite affordable in comparison with the minimum wages.

5. MONTHLY TRANSIT. Surprisingly, a monthly transit pass is cheapest in Buenos Aires when compared with minimum wage, followed by Rome and Los Angeles.

caminito, Buenos Aires, Argentina


6. FAST FOOD/BURGERS. Berlin, Paris and Chicago, in that specific order, offer the cheapest burgers in town, though most in the top 10 of this list require less than hour of work to be able to afford a full burger meal.

7. FLIGHTS. A top urban priority is to b able to access cheap getaways and flights from the city and Istanbul tops these charts, with Rome and Paris close by its heels. At only 13.65 hours of working wages needed to book a vacation, Turkey’s capital is certainly an attractive option. Of course, when considering all the other options, Rome and Paris are not too shabby themselves with both requiring less than 17 hours of work.



8. TAX. When it comes to taxation on goods bought, it’s interesting that Lagos ranks first with 5% levy, followed by Tokyo with the same percentage and Dallas at 8.25%. We may not be able to escape taxes, but it’s most certainly a category we must consider, especially the other affordable Paris and Rome rank among the last cities in this category.

Lekki Market, Lagos, NigeriaImage: Lekki Market, Lagos, Nigeria by Shawn Leishman/Flickr

9. CONCERT TICKETS. Ever with a focus on the arts, it comes at no surprise that the most affordable concert tickets can be found in Berlin, Paris and Rome.

It seems that when coming to a conclusion, the best cities seem to indeed be either Paris, Berlin or Rome, where youth can enjoy quality entertainment at a fraction of the cost, without breaking the bank and also being able to pay for their immediate needs which include food and home rentals. This is not the case, however.

What the index discovered when taking all its different categories into consideration is that Paris is the most affordable, however Toronto actually comes in 2nd and Los Angeles comes in 3rd. Berlin takes 5th place while Rome takes 7th!The

The overall city rating is:

1. Paris
2. Toronto
3. Los Angeles
4. Chicago
5. Berlin
6. Dallas
7. Rome
8. New York
9. Tokyo
10. London
11. Seoul
12. Buenos Aires
13. Istanbul
14. Cairo
15. Johannesburg
16. Bogota
17. Lima
18. Mumbai
19. Lagos
20. Sao Paulo
21. Manila
22. Shanghai
23. Mexico City
24. Nairobi
25. Kinshasa

Still, this is rather good food for thought and certainly taken into consideration when looking for the right city in which the younger populations can become rooted.