Top tips for travelling safely during Christmas

‘Tis the season

With darker evenings and the greater potential for snow and ice, travelling is a lot more dangerous and requires a lot more care and attention in the winter months, whatever your mode of transport. Around the world, the festive parties taking place at this time of year means that there is a lot of awareness around drinking and driving, which is obviously a positive.

In contrast, there are precious few sources of advice when it comes to travelling in general. Whereas the don’t drink and drive message is pro-active and out there from an early stage, other advice that could have helped tends to come when the snow has already fallen, or ice has caused a serious traffic accident.

What actions can you take now to ensure that you travel safely during Christmas, whether in your own car or on public transport?

Stocking up

If you drive everywhere yourself, then you need to stock up your car with everything from the standard ice-scraper and anti-freeze, to a flask containing a hot drink and emergency food supplies. The latter two may seem a little extreme, however once you’ve sat in a blizzard for an hour freezing because of an accident up the road, they aren’t things you ever do without again.

Blankets and additional layers of clothing are also worth keeping on hand, just in case.

Have taxi numbers at hand

Perhaps the car won’t start or the buses and trains are running late, or not turning up at all; what do you do now? Ensure that you have two or three telephone numbers to hand for reliable taxi services, so in the event of an emergency you can always be sure of having a mode of transport available.

Look up a number of a taxi ‘hub’ or fare exchange scheme, as these will likely have access to a large number of reliable services.

Check timetables

Whether you pick up hard copies of timetables from the travel centre or download a travel app to your mobile device, you need to be ready for those transport companies who will make quirky changes to the times their services run. Granted, if you turn up at the train station to see a flip chart saying “all trains cancelled,” then there isn’t much you can do.

Planning ahead, particularly in terms of a travel app, will mean you have all the information you need and aren’t risking becoming stranded as the weather closes in.

Be prepared

If all else fails, the reality might be that you are better off staying in a local hotel for the evening, although keeping an eye on travel updates and the weather during Christmas should avoid the need for that.

This article was written by Fare Exchange, a lead generation company focusing on the taxi industry. Fare Exchange take local calls from customers looking for Loughborough taxis and connects them to a nearby cab firm.

Image: Oxford Street, London (view from the double-decker bus) by advencap on Flickr

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