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Many thousands of tourists are heading to the United Kingdom every year in a bid to find out more about the fascinating heritage that is just waiting to be discovered. And whether you want to view the instantly familiar landmarks of London or perhaps the achingly beautiful countryside of Scotland, you’ll want to make sure you spend more time sightseeing and less time travelling. Here are the options for getting from A to B in the UK.


Great Britain is the birthplace of the railway system, and these days the country has an extensive network which allows visitors to transverse the nation with ease. Services, despite the rather negative image held by many British commuters, are generally reliable and efficient, although tourists would be well advised to avoid the rush hours in the heart of London. It’s a good idea to buy tickets in advance, because they are usually less expensive.


There is also an extensive bus network in Britain, although it should be pointed out that services between towns and cities, especially over greater distances, are usually rather slow. Local bus routes in London and other large urban centres are very good, however, and can be relied upon. Travelling between set destinations over long distances, although not fast, is at least extremely affordable, so if you’re on a budget the bus could be your preferred option.


A handful of British cities are home to underground railway lines, and in London at least this is the fastest and most efficient way of getting around. Although the capital is home to overground rail, taxi, bus and water bus options, none of them can match the speed and efficiency as the Tube. And with more than 270 stations dotted around the capital, the chances are you won’t be far from one of them.


There are a number of British airports for passengers to choose from, so if you’re in a hurry to get from one region to another it could be a sensible option to take to the skies. The major airports are around London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow, but there are many more serving cities and towns like Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cardiff and Belfast. Domestic air travel isn’t overly expensive in Britain, and it’s often possible to obtain last-minute seats on some flights.


For many vacations, the best way of getting around in Britain is by hire car. There are plenty of companies offering a range of vehicles in the UK, with offices at airports, major railway stations and in high streets. Tourists who like to plan ahead will be pleased to know that it’s easy to find some excellent deals on the Internet, so the best advice is to check out the prices online before you travel.

This post was written by David Showell. David, who works for comparecarhire, has travelled extensively around the UK.

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