Bingo remains one of the most popular games on land and online despite the many criticisms it has received over the past few years. Most people believe that bingo has been around for too long and has become a boring activity. Well, in the capital of England, residents and tourists alike have just been looking in the wrong places. Just like everything in the world, you only get to experience the best if you look for it in the right places. If ever you are in London and want to experience some bingo fun, here are 5 spots that you must visit!

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club


This is so-hip-it-hurts! If you think you’re cool, you haven’t seen the crowd in this place yet! The people here are definitely not boring. And as the name suggests, The Underground Rebel Bingo Club is top secret. The location is a secret. The prizes are surprises. But what we know for sure is that every bit of it is fun, wildly alluring and flaming hot!

Address: 275 Pentonville Road, N1 9NL, London

Bogan Bingo


Bogan Bingo originally comes from the East Coast of Australia. If you want bingo with the perfect mix of music, comedy and a live crowd, then Bogan Bingo is the place to be! Aside from the flowing drinks, rubber chickens and lots of prizes, what makes Bogan Bingo the best is the crowd yelling “Bloody Bingo!” “Boganized” and hosted by rockin’ and beer lovin’ Bogans, this is something that you don’t want to miss indeed! Be ready to party – Bogan Bingo style!

Address: 16a Clapham Common Southside, SW4 7AB, London

Bingo and Music

Bingo Tunes and Musical Bingo are just some of the musical bingo experiences you can have in London. We all know how everyone loves Karaoke and music. Well, that love just overflows when it is combined with bingo. Bingo Tunes, hosted by Dave Daggers, is a game where your knowledge about songs can be put to use in order for you to be able to shout “Bingo!” Yes, you daub the squares of the bingo cards if you can guess the tune. Everyone thinks they can win this but you never know until you try it out for yourself.


Gay Bingo

Residents of London and the whole of England alike have a huge respect for the Gay Community. This is why Gay Bingo is very successful. Timberlina, the hit drag hostess at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern makes the experience even better because she is one entertaining fella!

Address: 372 Kennington Lane, London SE11 5HY, London

Author bio: I’m a bingo gaming aficionado and I strive to provide you with the level-best entertainment from the world’s most-loved game. Mike!

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