When flying overseas or for multiple hours, the Internet really comes in handy. Singapore Airlines is one of those companies that offers in-flight Internet connection, coming in very useful for the businessmen travelling around the world. What they don’t warn you about, however, is what they would charge for the luxury of keeping in touch through email and Facebook with the rest of the world while in the sky. Nor do they mention that you will probably be rather frustrated with the slow connection on board eating up hours of your time. Mind you, that may not be such a terrible thing, considering you have time to spare, but with the advent of high-speed internet on land, it might be excruciatingly painful to drop to dial-up speeds again.

For one such passenger, Jeremy Gutsche, on Singapore Airlines on November 12, a near $30 internet package turned into a $1,171.46 bill, with most of it charged as additional coverage. What was it all used for? According to Jeremy’s article posted on Trend Hunter, there were about 155 pageviews only, most of which were through his email. There was no Netflix binge, no pornography streaming, or anything of the like. There was a powerpoint presentation download and reloading of pages that were too slow, however. At least if he had been doing something worthwhile throughout the flight, the bill may possibly have been worth it. It’s hard to imagine how! That’s the price of another ticket to travel somewhere else with the airline. It’s hard to imagine over a thousand dollars spent on internet alone.

Of course, not everything is all bad on Singapore Airlines. On the contrary, a flight on these crafts can often be comfortable, enjoyable, and, if you are in first class, downright luxurious (including champagne tasting, your own little suite, huge bathroom, deluxe menus and personal assistant)! You might want to keep the internet off for a while and rake in the cash to enjoy such an incredible experience instead.