Over the last few years holidays in the UK and ‘staycations’ have increased in popularity as families tighten their budgets. You may think, then, that you don’t need to be concerned about health risks or illnesses.

However, you run the risk of having an accident or falling ill wherever you are. Insurers state that families staying in the UK for their holiday often ignore travel insurance because they feel safer. Of course, holidaying in the UK has the advantage of familiarity with the healthcare system but it’s still a good idea to have information to hand if you need some medical help. This is even more important if you are camping in the country and there are few people around.

Finding medical help

Downloading some apps to your smart phone is an easy way to access information if you need it. The Saga Group is a very well regarded company and it offers a free app Saga Health app for the iPhone that gives you factsheets on over 180 health and medical topics and finds the nearest hospital to you. If you’re in unfamiliar surroundings, knowing where to go if you need help is reassuring. also has a free app that gives mobile access to its comprehensive website. Originally set up in 1997 by a GP partnership, the website has grown into a full directory of medical and health-related subjects, edited by a team of medically qualified professionals. Available for on the iPhone, Android and Windows platforms, the app allows you to browse a wide range of articles and information and to search for GP practices, dentists, pharmacies and hospitals close to you.

Checking symptoms and first aid advice

When it comes to health checks and advice, the smart phone has really come into its own. A number of national health organisations and other health providers now use smart phone technology to supplement their services and give convenient access to reliable information.

Joining the bandwagon of organisations pushing medical advice to your phone or tablet, NHS Direct has a free app for iPhone and Android users that offers much of the content that is on its website. If you need some advice on self-treating your illness, you can use the app’s symptoms checker and get advice on what to do and which over the counter medication will be useful. The app is also linked to NHS Direct’s phone support service so, if you need to, you can fill in your details and someone will call you.

Another reliable app for advice is the WebMD health tool for the Android platform. Its app includes a symptoms checker, information on medication and treatment and local health listings. One major plus point of downloading the app is that you don’t need a wireless connection to get access to the first aid part of the app. This will remove any frustration if you need to treat an injury in a field where you can’t get a signal.

Making illness abroad claims can be very simple with the right help and assistance to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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