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For a photographer, there are many aspects to the job to keep in mind as one treks into unknown regions, searching for the perfect angle, the perfect lighting, the perfect scenery that should be captured and shared with the world. Often, the best of places are hidden away, left untouched by the human hands. Sometimes, the opposite is true and the concrete jungle of the city is what holds the allure. It may be the history of a region or the strangest of animals that can be found in its vast wilderness, while there are also moments where its the human emotion, the frailty and the courage which hold the magnetic attraction, pulling the man or woman with the camera its way.

PhotoSpotLand app for travel photographers

Created as a free platform from which an artist with such an apparatus can discern the best spots for his work, PhotoSpotLand is not just a forum and not just a travel site. It is, quite simply put, a community wherein photographers travelling with cameras other than their smartphones, those who are truly artists at heart and love a grand adventure, share their experiences, give their tips and tricks for obtaining the perfect photo, and support one another as they help you become a better photographer through a travel site app. The “Spot” feature conveniently leads one to find the best locations around, including events that may be of interest, while each individual may add new spots as well, including how to get to the spot, what gear may be required, which times of year are best to shoot the photos, ideal camera settings, etc. Furthermore, you are able to find those of similar interest exploring your regions as well, leading to more than just a chance encounter with those who share your world.

PhotoSpotLand free app for travel photographers

The official Photospotland app site claims that this tool will help photographers focus on their calling as a photographer, as only the one with the camera is able to truly capture the soul of that which is photographed. Founder and CEO Mario Bucolo has explicitly stated that the application’s main aim is “to provide the best shared experience in travel photography.” We are looking at an innovation in the tech world, particularly when considering the aid it would provide to aspiring and amateur photographers setting out on a journey to become the best freelancer they can be. This is not some photo sharing site, but a digital bar in which you network, share stories, critique creativity and learn from one another.