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The magical elements of Iceland have long captivated the world. It’s a mysterious place, where beauty reigns and its name was given to prevent the average traveller from considering it as a travel destination for centuries before the Internet and airplanes and a focus on Icelandic tourism placed the island on the map. Today, Iceland is probably one of the best places to visit that certainly should find a spot on every travel lover’s Bucket List. One particular tour that you simply cannot miss is the Reykjavik-based Floating Tours, bringing visitors literally face-to-face with the majestic dancing Northern Lights. Throughout the tour (which lasts for 6 hours), you will actually be floating in the Secret Lagoon, a natural hot spring, treated to an underwater music show, while letting 100-degree Fahrenheit (38-40 Celsius) temperature water lap over you as special helmets and leg pads keep you afloat.

Watch Iceland Northern Lights in an Unusual Way By Floating in the Hot Secret Lagoon, Fludir, Reykjavik

This $216 per person tour is certain worth if for nothing more than the magical feeling you experience while listening to the siren’s call of the Sigur Ros music from underwater speakers as the rising mist engulfs you in a warm embrace. You shouldn’t expect to see the aurora borealis, but if you do, it’s one amazing bonus you receive from the tour. To maximise your chances of encountering the great natural phenomenon, you should try out the tour between the months of October and March when the days are shorter and the night can offer up its many mysteries.

The Secret Lagoon is situated in a small village called Fludir, which is about a 90-minute drive from Reykjavík.

Watch Iceland Northern Lights in an Unusual Way By Floating in the Hot Secret Lagoon, Fludir, near Reykjavik
As it says on the Floating Northern Lights Tours website about the benefits of floating, one can expect stress relief and improved well being as muscle tension, blood pressure and heart rate drop once you get into a deep relaxation state. it rather reminds us of doing yoga, except you are letting your body go on water. It is known to aid detoxification, while also helping with pain relief, speeding up injury recovery and decreasing the problems caused by anxiety, depression and insomnia. According to the company’s statement, “experts say 1 hour of floating equals at least 4 hours of deep sleep.” This could mean high levels of relaxation and the package be made part of medical tourism to the region.

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