If you haven’t visited New York City in a while or you’ve never been before, you may be thinking that it’s probably not as cool or as hip as it used to be however, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even though it’s currently languishing under a deluge of snow and suffering with freezing temperatures there are still far too many reasons to pay the Big Apple a visit than not, with ski resorts just outside of the city limits always favourite at this time of year.

Skiing and snowboarding in Vermont aside, below are just a few of the reasons that NYC is still numero uno all-year-round and if you’re still not impressed then you’ll just have to visit for yourself to finally make your mind up.

All about the Art

From the swirls of the Guggenheim to the linear shards of the MET, if you’re looking for art in the city then New York has still got more than its fair share to indulge every one of your senses. Manhattan alone has some exceptional galleries that would grace the streets of any capital city and the Christopher Henry gallery is an essential space for anyone interested in seeing art in the holiest of hallways. Urban art is also featured throughout NYC with the Bronx Wall of Fame and Bowery St in Manhattan providing just a couple of great examples of street art New York style.

Easy to get around

Some cities will leave you wheeling with the complexity of their layouts however, New York’s easy to use numerical street system couldn’t be further from complexed if it tried. Thanks to the city’s array of trams, buses and iconic yellow cabs, getting around is as straight forward as walking out of your accommodation and with a metro system which is renowned the world over, self-guided sightseeing in the city is an accessible and awesome option. Grab your guide book, hail a cab and check out the view from the Brooklyn Bridge as this is just another fabulous day in NYC.

Foodie heaven

No matter what you’re hankering for or what your budget decrees, eating out in New York City is often an exciting and enthralling step into foodie heaven. Hot dog and giant pretzel vendors are literally on every corner and if you’re looking for street food on the go then this place was made for it. Aside from the usually fast-food joint suspects you’ll find plenty of alternatives for breakfast brunch and lunch in the form of traditional independent diners which promise much more character and probably a much more memorable experience. In the evening and you’ve got the choice of a visit to China Town, Little Italy or some of the world’s most exclusive fine-dining establishments so why travel the world in search of sustenance when it is served just moments from your doorstep?

Park life

Central Park, of course, is known the world over for its pathways, recreational fields and charming bridges so if you’re stuck for things to do in NYC (as if) then head over and while away a few hours feeding the ducks and watching the world go by. Aside from Manhattan’s iconic green space you’ll also find parks in the Bronx (Pelham and Bronx), Staten Island (Greenbelt and Freshkills) and Brooklyn (Marine Park) all of which promise a wide mixture of peace, quiet and things to do on a blue sky day in the city.

Superb sightseeing

It has to be said that New York City can rival anywhere in the world when it comes to sightseeing options and thanks to the general layout and easy access, many of the greatest landmarks are all within walking distance. The Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty are all know the world over for their history and their familiar features and no trip to NYC is complete without paying your respects at Ground Zero. Sightseeing tours from New York will take you away from the area with the likes of Boston, Washington and Niagara Falls, on the border with Canada, are all possible without too much bother.

After dark

When the sun finally sets on yet another New York day then the city itself really comes to life and if you’re a fan of old-school house music then why not pay a trip to Pacha, Amnesia or Marquee and find out why the city’s still bouncing to the deep beats. Alternatives to the house scene include: laid back jazz caves, live rock music venues and more late night bars than you can wave a shamrock at so if you’re looking for things to do until the wee small hours then you’ll never be disappointed. Top tip: after a night out make sure you check into an all-night bagel bakery to share some chat with the locals or just indulge your taste buds before you finally hit the hay.

This post was written by Chris Owen, a freelance copywriter and published children’s book author living in Hove, East Sussex

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