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Inside the plane, Quicket app view passengers

Image by Joseph Younis/Flickr

We’re not sure about you, but every time we book those tickets, check ourselves in and walk to the plane, we pray that the person we have landed beside by pure coincidence is in fact the perfect stranger. We have romantic notions of in-flight love escapades, of meeting the partner we hope to spend our lives with on that long 8+ hour flight. Even if it isn’t romance we crave, we hope against hope that it won’t be a creep sitting next to us, that he or she won’t have a child that cries under our ears and that, given the circumstances, at least engages in some form of polite conversation to give the journey a pleasant touch.

Quicket app check in and view passengers

Now we have that option, except we ourselves might actually be the creeps! A multi-functional travel application known as Quicket now has an added feature of not only immediately checking in through Facebook but also checking out the profiles of those who have checked-in onto the flight as well. It’s a little disconcerting but thankfully you have the option of hiding yourself away fully or only showing up on the dashboards of friends who have you on Facebook anyway. This way you can stalk those on the flight without allowing others to stalk you. Unfair in a way, but a good security measure overall. It also allows you to decide if you really want to be sitting beside one stranger or another and perhaps even find an old friend who coincidentally shares you travel route!

Other than its Facebook option, Quicket also allows you to buy tickets, check-in online, track your flights, and review seat details on the aircraft. It’s easy to use, available on both iOS and Android, and most certainly a handy tool to have on you as you travel. It even includes maps of airports and helps you get to your gates. Handy and reliable, this is one essential travel app that you can have a lot of fun with. Check out their promo video below:

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