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Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

5 best areas in Rio de Janeiro to stay on your holiday

Planning to visit Rio de Janeiro and not sure where to stay? This quick guide to the Rio’s 5 best neighborhoods will help you to choose the right area.

London - UK

10 Pros vs 10 Cons of living in London

Moving to a new country is always a life changing experience and to ensure that it will be beneficial one should undertake a thorough research of a new destination.

HOW TO take amazing travel photos on Instagram [Infographic]

Instagram is a handy tool for travelers wishing to document their journey. However the ease of this app can often be taken for granted. This infographic demonstrates how you can capture the peripheral wonders of the cultures you are engrossed within to make the perfect holiday photo album, and churn your followers’ complexions green with envy.

7 Cool uncommon anti-theft accessories & devices for travellers

Don’t be afraid of pick-pockets and thieves while traveling! Instead, check out these anti-theft accessories and devices that you may not have seen before.

Chicago - USA

This new record-breaking roller coaster offers a truly wild ride!

The appropriately named Goliath roller coaster is the new world’s tallest, steepest and fastest wooden roller coaster which was opened in June at the Six Flags Great America theme park in Gurnee (Illinois, USA) just outside of Chicago.