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Trans Siberian journey video

Why a Trans-Siberian Odyssey is Just What the Doctor Ordered

You’ve been starved for culture, stunning architecture and the inescapable natural scenery that catches you off guard and leaves you out of breath. You’ve been dying for lack of new experiences, and thirst for new knowledge. What the doctor orders in such a case is a trip, though not just any trip. The cooling effect

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TripAdvisor Just for you featured

Personalize Your Trip With This Latest TripAdvisor Feature!

When you travel, you spend hours poring through options, personalizing the vacation package or destination details to your tastes. It is time-consuming and often what you are presented with is most definitely not what you have been looking for. You begin to think you have it all correctly packaged until you realize you have been

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James Kingston epic selfie on crane

How They Do It – Part 1 (#5 is absolutely insane)

We often take the most simple of things for granted, thinking everyone will do it as we do. We forget that the world is vast, the people too many and the cultures quite simply very different. So when it comes down to thinking about how some cultures may do things differently, we are stumped. That’s

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Jiangzhou Dong Cave in the Leye-Fengshan Geopark in China

These Stunning Photos of Undiscovered Caves Will Have You Heading Straight to China

The adventurer in all of us hopes to discover something new, something noteworthy and most definitely in a portion of the world not yet explored by the human species. Undiscovered cave systems in China seems to fit the bill all right and Belgian photographer Francois-Xavier De Ruydts, age 33, captured the breathtaking splendor of the

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PhotoSpotLand app for travel photographers featured

Want to Shoot Better Travel Photographs? This App Can Help!

For a photographer, there are many aspects to the job to keep in mind as one treks into unknown regions, searching for the perfect angle, the perfect lighting, the perfect scenery that should be captured and shared with the world. Often, the best of places are hidden away, left untouched by the human hands. Sometimes,

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North Korea women dancing

Tourists Now Welcome In North Korea: 5 Reasons Why You Should Go

Image: Kumsusan Palace of the Sun  in Pyongyang by Jonas K./Flickr Known as the last frontier of Communism, North Korea prides itself on its ability to have maintained communist rule just as all but Cuba have reverted to more socialist or capitalist government regimes. Notorious for its adamant secrecy and dictatorship under the rule of Kim

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Windowless airplane feature

Meet the Jetsons: Flying Through the Skies Never Was So Amazing nor So Windowless!

When we were but children, we dreamed about being superman and zipping through the sky, seeing the world from up above. We laughed at the ingenious technologies that existed in the cartoon known as “The Jetsons”. Then we rode a plane, thinking our flying dreams had come true. We were flying now, except we were

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Street harassment woman in new york

One Woman Decided to Show the Real Face of New York, Walking the Streets for 10 Hours

“God bless you mami,” said while checking out her body. “Sexy- American Eagle,” said while staring at her jeans from the back. Greetings made only to follow her afterwards for 5 minutes straight. “You don’t want to talk? Because I’m ugly?…” Question after question as man walks alongside her for a while… Winks, whistles and

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Valletta, Malta, featured

Strike These 10 Cities Off Your Bucket List in 2015

Come New Year, we all begin to feel an itch to plan for a new vacation, to take the route where the path’s less travelled and find ourselves in a whole new adventure. Whether we are drawn to the hustle and bustle of city life, or to the magnificence of nature, Lonely Planet has compiled

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backpack wolffepack

Travelling Around the World Just Got Easier with this Revolutionary New Backpack

Travelling light is often the best option when you have made the adventure of a lifetime your priority, and this often means carrying around a backpack that holds all your worldly goods, at least for time you spend abroad. Most bags are bulky and hard to reach, having you try out your flexibility and maybe

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FrightWorld, America ScreamPark, Buffalo New York, USA

Your Halloween Would Not be Complete without Visiting this Terrifying American Screampark

With Halloween just around the corner, FrightWorld has become a staple in frightening haunted house attractions within the US, wherein the Premier Haunted Screampark has ranked #1 in the Northeast, as well as known as the #1 Haunted Attraction in Buffalo, NY. Opening its doors every year from October 23rd to November 1st, this year

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Montevideo, Uruguay, La Última Marcha con la Marihuana Ilegal , by Gonzalo G. Useta

The Silliest Reasons People Move to Uruguay

By Lisa Marie Mercer Uruguay triggers strong reactions from her current and former expats. Some think they’ve found Utopia. Detractors believe it’s Hades on earth. Somewhere down the middle lies the truth. Carolina de Robertis, author of The Invisible Mountain, sums up Uruguay in one tweet: “God I love this odd, marvelous, imperfect, maddening, gorgeous

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Shooting Thoughts by Filipe Vilas-Boas, Saint-Eustache Cathedral, Paris

Here’s How Using Your Smartphone in This Cathedral Can Bring the Starry Sky Inside!

Shooting thoughts can be the equivalent of shooting stars. Lovely Paris seems to be a mirror of the twinkling sky on most nights, and, during the free full-night arts festival, Nuit Blanche 2014, it became host to one of the only churches where the use of a mobile phone in a church did not put

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Tourists in London, Garry Knight

10 Pros vs 10 Cons of living in London

Moving to a new country is always a life changing experience and to ensure that it will be beneficial one should undertake a thorough research of a new destination.

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