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The Perfect Ski Pants by GOLDBERGH, world's most sexy snowpants main featured

Here are the World’s Sexiest Ski Pants: Which Colour Would You Choose?

If you ever thought about buying some great snowpants, you might have also realized that they are often bulky, sweaty, and entirely too unappealing. They don’t fit well enough and often have us feeling like a stuffed snowman instead of a skier. Goldbergh has come up with the perfect ski pants though and they are

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Val Thorens in France Named Best Ski Resort in World Ski Awards 2014 ski on piste featured 2

Val Thorens in France Named Best Ski Resort in World Ski Awards 2014

Planning a ski holiday and not sure what skiing destination to choose? You might want to check out the Val Thorens Ski Resort in France >>

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A True Bird's Eye View of London and Paris Seen by Strapping Camera to Eagles featured

A True Bird’s Eye View of London and Paris Seen by Strapping Camera to Eagle

Watch these videos for incredible view from an eagle flying over London famous landmarks in London and Paris >>

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Which Country Boasts the Highest Consumption of Beer, who drinks the most women drinking

Which Country Boasts the Highest Consumption of Beer? (No, It’s Not Germany)

According to Euromonitor research, these are the top 10 countries that drink the most beer >>

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The Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names, New Map Reveals Silliest Place Names in Britain featured

Burnt Bottom, Gaywood, Robin hood’s Butts… New Map Reveals Funniest Place Names in Britain

If you’re looking for a great and silly gift to put in those stockings this Christmas season, you might want to check out The Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names, published by Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick. It can be found at It seems to be the first of its kind and features 1,400 different locations

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XOO Belt by Nifty Phone-Charging Belt, A smart belt that charges your phone featured

Charge Your Phone on the Go with This Unique Charging Belt

XOO Belt by Nifty is a real breakthrough in smart accessories. This belt charges your smartphone wherever you are. Check it out >>

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A tourist in Lake Inlé tries out extracting fibers from lotus stems, burma featured

In Your Twenties? Here’s Why You Should Travel to Southeast Asia. Now!

Why Southeast Asia, and why in your twenties? These are the top four reasons explaining exactly that >>

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Torbjørn C. Pedersen, man visiting each country in the world on 20 dollars a day budget featured

This Man Will Be the First to Travel to Every Country on $20/day Without Using Airplanes!

Meet Torbjørn C. Pedersen and his crazy adventures. This guy plans to visit all 203 countries in the world within the next 3-4 years without flying >>

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Belden Island, Branford, Connecticut, for sale has its own sandy beach and 100-year-old farmhouse that adds character to the setting, privateislandsonline, featured

From Celebrity Retreats to Hot Tropics: 30 Private Islands You Can Buy (Starting at $98k)

Dream of your own private island? Check out these 30 exclusive islands that are for sale and can be yours right now! >>

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Wessex Water Bristol Bio-Bus, which is powered entirely by human and food waste, GENeco featured

Britain Pioneers First Bus to Run on Scraps and Human Poo!

The world’s first ‘poo bus’ powered entirely by human and food waste hits the road in the UK providing most environmentally-friendly way of travelling >>

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best-western-opera-batignolles-4-lobby-bar featured

New Booking Service Hotelwatchdog Wants to Offer Only Best Hotel Choices

Airfarewatchdog’s spin off Hotelwatchdog is not your typical hotel booking site. It picks only 20 hotels based on ratings, price and location. Learn more >>

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Happy girls on the beach featured

13 Little-Known Smart Tips on How to Make Money While You Travel the World

Want to explore the world but don’t have enough savings? Check out these really helpful and unique ideas on ways to earn money WHILE you are travelling >>

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Guy Does Insane BASE Jumping over Canyon on a Mountain Bike featured 2

This Guy Does Insane BASE Jumping over Canyon on a Mountain Bike!

To appeal to a man’s tastes, it appears one must offer the most extreme of sports, which, in this case, includes jumping off a cliff after cycling through the canyons and being flashed by some sexy women. What better motivation than the look of a bare body before parachuting down on a bike. Think daredevil

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A JR Central L0 Series Shinkansen maglev train undergoing test-running on the Yamanashi Test Track Japan featured 2

Check Out the World’s Fastest Train in Japan That “Floats” at 311 mph!

Japanese maglev train is now considered to be the fastest train in the world which reaches a whopping 311 miles per hour, or about 502 km per hour >>

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new EcoStone Bluetooth speakers by EcoXGear waterproof featured

Planning a Pool Party? This Floating Bluetooth Speaker Will Come in Handy

New EcoStone Bluetooth speakers should be your must-have travel gadget if you want to enjoy music on the beach or in the pool while swimming! >>

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Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso, Playa Paraiso, Mexico, TripAdvisor best all-inclusive resorts in the world-general-view featured

The 25 Best All-Inclusive Vacation Spots Around the World

Check out these top 25 all-inclusive resorts around the world as awarded in the TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards 2014 >>

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world's most beautiful Norwegian passport featured

Norway to Roll Out World’s Most Beautiful Passport and It’s Got a Surprise Inside!

The Norwegians now boast the coolest passport in the world. Its pages display the Northern Lights under a UV light! Check it out >>

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Jumbo Jet Hostel Stockholm Arlanda plane hostel feature

Enjoy Your Unusual Overnight Stay in This Jumbo Jet Hostel!

Looking for unusual hostel experience? You may want to check out this Boing 747 turned into a hostel called Jumbo Stay Hostel in Stockholm, Sweden >>

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CoolBag, revolutionary locking anti-theft travel and beach bag with a discreet cooler featured

Safe and Secure at the Beach and Park, CoolBag is the Cooler for You!

Check out this revolutionary locking travel and beach bag that has an amazing discreet cooler to keep your beverages cold! >>

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Top 10 Poshtels in Europe You Should Check Out in 2015 (Starting at £29 Per Night!)

Check out these 10 best luxury hostels (aka 'poshtels') in Europe that would make your travels more artsy and more comfortable on a budget price! >>

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Brooklyn Bridge New york

Here’s Why You Should Never Climb Brooklyn Bridge to Take Photos

Scaling a cable on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York for the perfect photo may be a great adventure, but actually it’s illegal. The French tourist arrested… >>

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Aminimal Urban Gridded Dogtag jewelry collection city maps featured

Mark Cities You’ve Visited With This Funky Dogtag Map Jewelry

Urban Gridded Dogtags designed as functional maps is a great way to commemorate places you’ve been to, where you want to go or just mark your favourite city >>

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Wondering About the Perfect Travel Gift? How About a Smartwatch with TripCase?

TripCase Smartwatch Travel App now works with smartwatches allowing you to get notifications about your trip, including flight alerts and more on your wrist! >>

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Facebook Places Travel Directory

How Useful is the New Facebook Places Travel Directory?

Facebook launched a new cool feature - Places travel directory, which helps you discover things to do and places to go in cities across the world. Find out more >>

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TripAdvisor New Feature comparing and booking tours and attractions tickets featured

TripAdvisor Newest Feature Makes Finding the Right Tours Easier!

TripAdvisor launched a new feature that allows users to easily compare and book tours and tickets for attractions around the world. Read more >>

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Praia-do-Abrico-Abrico nude beach near rio de janeiro centre

Now Open! First Beach Catering to Nudists in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro officially opens its first ever nudist beach, Abrico Beach which is an hour’s drive west of the city center. Check it out >>

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Unless You Want a $1200 Bill, Steer Clear of the Internet on Singapore Airlines

For this passenger on Singapore Airlines a near $30 internet package turned into a $1,171.46 bill! Find out more about this story >>

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Young women partying on the beach - best cities for fun in the world

The ‘Ultimate Fun City’ Ranking Crowns Berlin as #1. Where Does your City Fall?

Looking where to go for ultimate partying experience? These 25 cities around the world are the best places to have fun! Check them out! >>

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Stayful Twitter hotel booking

Travelling to the USA? Book your Hotel Accommodations via…Twitter!

The new service by Stayful now allows you to book a boutique hotel at the cheapest price using Twitter. See how this works >>

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25 Destinations with the World’s Best Hotels

According to Travel Smarts study by which looked at 7 million traveler reviews, these places have the best hotels in the world. Check them out! >>

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Hard Rock Cafe fan Kay Kalkbrenner featured

Hard Rock Cafe’s Biggest Fan Visited 243 Themed Branches Worldwide Spending £30,000

A 28-year old German fan of Hard Rock Cafe Kay Kalkbrenner spent more than £30,000 travelling to 243 restaurants around the world! Read on >>

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impossible-electric-bicycle featured

Travel the World with This Impossibly Folding Bike in Your Backpack!

This folding electric bike called Impossible is a truly genius device. It weighs less than 5kg and can fit into any backpack. Check it out! >>

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New free travel app Getaways by Groupon featured

Save up to 60% Off Hotels and Trips With Groupon’s New Travel App!

Travelling becomes more affordable with Groupon’s new free travel app Getaways Hotel & Travel Deals which offers very cheap deals on travel packages and hotels >>

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watch - Cleaner checking the bag at the hotel room - hidden camera revealed featured

Always Use an In-Room Safety Deposit Box for Valuables: Hidden Camera Shows Why

Staying at the brand name hotels puts trust into room cleaning service. However, a hidden camera shows what the cleaner is really doing in the room while guests are out >>

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Quantum of the Seas, world's first cruise smartship hi-tech ship featured

World’s First Cruise ‘Smartship’ Will Impress You with Spellbound Hi-Tech Facilities

Meet Quantum of the Seas – the newest cruise ship offering innovative jaw-dropping technologies from skydiving and surfing to robotic bartenders. Check it out! >>

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London Tower Bridge Glass Floor over the river Thames new attraction feaured

You Can ‘Walk’ on the Thames River With This New Breathtaking Tower Bridge Attraction

London now boasts a new cool attraction. It’s a glass floor in the upper walkways of Tower Bridge offering a spectacular bird's eye view. Check it out! >>

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Worried About Your Home Security While Away? This Light Bulb Will Scare Burglars Off

Now you can travel with the peace of mind. The BeON smart light bulbs will fool burglars by creating the impression of a lived-in home while you are away! >>

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Heathrow Airport, scent globe, passengers sniff destinations featured

5 Travel Adventures from This London Airport Begin with the Scent of the Destination

A giant ‘scent globe’ installation at Terminal 2 of London’s Heathrow allows travellers to sniff the aromas of 5 countries! Here’s what they smell like >>

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Cool Patch Pumpkins maze, Dixon, California, the largest corn maze in the world featured

World’s Largest Crop Maze Makes Guinness and You May Need to Call 911 to Get Out!

Want to check your navigation skills? Head on to the Cool Patch Pumpkins corn maze in Dixon, California. It is the largest corn labyrinth in the world! >>

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Quadrofoil, Electric catamaran, new speedboat, for water activities featured

Need Fun New Watersport Ideas? A Personal Quadrofoil Might Just be the Perfect Ride!

Here comes the 21st century answer to the speedboat – a personal electric watercraft called Quadrofoil allowing you to fly above the water! Check it out! >>

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Best hotel pool, Monastero Santa Rosa, Amalfi Coast, Italy - Smith Best Hotel Award featured

The World’s 12 Best Hotels of 2014 Announced! See Which One is The Sexiest

Looking for some nice boutique hotel to explore next? You’ll love these 12 hotels which Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards named as the best in the world >>

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Holy source near the tomb of St. Seraphim of Sarov, Diveevo near Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Region featured

If You’re Looking for a Magical Experience, You Might Want to Visit These 5 Places in Russia

When it comes to finding luck, you should consider going to these places in Russia. They are known to do miracles and make your wish come true! Read on >>

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World record - three Norwegians guys visited 19 countries in 24 hours featured

How Many Countries Can YOU Visit in 24 hours? These Norwegian Guys Travelled to 19!

A team of three Norwegian guys – Gunnar Garfors, Tay-young Pak and Oystein Djupvik – broke the world record by visiting 19 countries all in 24 hours! >>

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Trivago Travel Advice Calendar, cheapest months for hotel booking

The Cheapest Months to Book Hotels in These 46 World’s Top Cities Revealed!

Avoid paying expensive hotel prices by travelling to the most popular destinations in the world during these months >>

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Google Maps app Restaurant Reservations Open Table US featured

Google Maps Now Offers Built-In Restaurant and Uber Taxi Reservations

Google Maps has saved the day time and again when we were lost out on the streets and in unfamiliar neighbourhoods. It has led us astray a few times, but the peace of mind we have through the knowledge that there’s an app on our smartphones that will show us the directions when needed really

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TripAdvisor popular European ski destinations featured

Bansko in Bulgaria Named Europe’s Best Value Ski Destination

The snow will be falling soon and the winter months bring out our love for the ski slopes. When planning for that winter getaway to the perfect ski destination, it might do good to put Bansko, Bulgaria, on the list. Bansko is located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains and boasts a choice of almost

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American couple wedding on airplane, Southwest Airlines

A Couple’s Dream Wedding at 35000 Feet Up in the Sky

We all want our weddings to be extra special, planning for months, if not years, just how we would achieve that uniqueness that gives the celebration an extra sparkle. For one couple, the wedding dress and “I do” statements came to be in a plane, flying over US lands from Nashville to Dallas, complete with

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portable sitpack seat by mono mono, most compact chare in the world featured

World’s Most Compact Portable Seat Can Fit in Your Pocket

Image credit: When we’re out somewhere and have a long lineup to wait through, whether at a concert or going through an official procedure with civil servants, or perhaps even while waiting our turn at the theme park to get on that ride, we get tired, our feet hurt and if we are wearing

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Yamazaki Single Malt Japanese whisky featured

This Country Has the World’s Best Whisky. Scotland Doesn’t Make the Cut!

Image by Jit Bag/Flickr For decades, if not centuries, we have known Scotland to be the whisky capital, wherein only the best brews are produced. We have craved the Scottish labels, sworn by them and now we see Scotland’s image dashed against the rocks. Tumbling to the depths of embarrassment, Scotland must deal with the

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KnowRoaming sticker SIM cuts roaming charges for travel featured

Avoid Provider Roaming Charges While You Travel With a Sticker SIM!

When it comes to travelling abroad, we often take our mobile phones with us to use in case of an emergency. Years ago, there were very few other options, while today there is a whole array of possibilities. Roaming charges can be crippling, particularly if you do not pay attention to the amount of data

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