When we travel, we have different needs. We often spend a fortune on luggage and travel bags that are not the right fit but we have few other options to consider. If you walk into a department or specialty store looking for just the right piece, you often do not find the same variety that you would when perusing the online world for interesting new concepts that can meet those personalized needs. What we require on our adventures is safety, reliability and a few extra options that solve organization and space problems. This list should give you a good deal of options to choose from in terms of innovative travel bags created in 2014 and either already on the market or ready to launch by mid-2015.

1. Fugu Luggage Expands with a Twist

The luggage has not developed overmuch in the last couple of decades. The Fugu Luggage is expandible but with a twist. It easily transforms from a carry-on to a full-size check-in. Each of the options complies with the airline baggage dimension limitations, reducing your worries about the size matching requirements. The best part is, if your bag isn’t full, you can just shrink the size so that it’s easier to carry about, saving space along the way.

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Furthermore, Fugu Luggage has built-in shelves and all the conveniences of a modern suitcase when it comes to wheels and axles, speed and mobility. It’s waterproof, has shock-absorbing protection and there’s never any need to overstuff since it can expand to as large as you need it to be.

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2. Rotation180º Backpack for Photography Enthusiasts

You know a new concept is high in demand when a kickstarter campaign with a $30,000 goal suddenly quadruples its original expectations. That’s because what every photographer, amateur or not, needs when travelling is a handy camera compartment connected to his backpack. What the sleek new Rotation180º backpacks designed by MindShift provide is a special integrated camera waist pack that rotates out of the bag itself and turns into a fanny pack. You can then release and rotate back into place when you’re done grabbing the necessary equipment and accessories without having to put the pack down to retrieve them.

mindshift-Rotation180º Photo Backpack rotating for photography equipment, travel gear, best travel bag

Rotation180º backpacks are available in 4 different styles and come with full rain cover gear, tripod suspension kit, and optional extras that could be added to make this the ultimate photographer’s pack!

rotation-180-panorama-Photo Backpack for photography equipment, travel gear, best bag for travel, rotating pack


3. OLAF KickScooter – The Scooter-Suitcase Hybrid

When you want to have some fun with that carry-on luggage of yours, you normally wouldn’t think about turning it into a scooter. Yet, there are those who have doubled their original expectations when asking for funding to create just that. A luggage with a kick scooter that helps you wheel through traffic and walk down the street looking like the coolest kid on the block. Both a business (carry-on kickscooter) and urban style (backpack kickscooter) are available for OLAF bags and both are just as interesting. However, watching a man in a suit ride this way to work would most definitely be amusing. The luggage space has been maximized to allow for 35 litres in items stashed in, while also holding a portable sack truck kickscooter platform. Entirely developed in the EU, this invention provides for a fun, hassle-free experience when travelling about, bearing up to 220 pounds. Of course, it is also made with the 21st century customer in mind so it has a separate compartment for laptop and special valuables. OLAF Scooter can be used as a carry-on, suitcase, trolley, kick-scooter and skateboard. Made to be airline sized and with weight restrictions in mind, this bag is just perfect for travel.

OLAF scooter carry-on kickscooter for business travel or a backpack kick scooter for urban traveler, Scooter-Suitcase Hybrid, travel gear, innovative smart luggage


4. RiutBag – Unisex Rucksack with No Outer Zips

One of the biggest security problems when it comes to our backpacks is the fact that those zippers can be reached more easily by a complete stranger than by us, making it rather easy for thieves to pocket your valuables. What you need in a backpack is durability, safety and organizing compartments which ease your travel packing. The RiutBag has no out zips, all of them being right on our back so one has to go through your body to get to the prized possessions kept hidden in the bag. It has a laptop holder with smaller pockets for phone and valuables, pockets on the outside that compliment the sleek design for water bottles or umbrellas, and an invisible pocket in the straps that lets you store your tickets and small bits of paper that you will need while you travel, without adding to the hassle of putting down your bag to retrieve them.

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5. Bluesmart Carry-on Suitcase Has Built-in Clever Features Controlled via App

You have a personal assistant through your carry-on here, wherein it connects to your smartphone device and let’s you control everything from an app. The Bluesmart suitcase was designed to match the modern traveller, proving proper organization while ensuring it fits into the digital world. You can check the bag’s weight on the app so you never have to check-in your carry-on, you can lock it digitally or it will lock itself if you ever separate with it, with a built-in battery you can charge your phone six times over, track the bag if it’s ever lost, watch your travel trends appear on the app and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have the best and most sophisticated travel innovation currently available on the market.

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6. Leggage Laptop Case for Feet Massage

When travelling for long distances, we often don’t have proper space to put our feet and rest our legs. At times we feel the strains and can barely walk from the torture we put our poor feet through. For this reason, Leggage laptop bag has been invented that not only let’s you rest your feet and legs, but it also provides you with a massage, depending on the angle you put the case. The design is interesting, fits right over your carry-on and is easy to work with as you fly to your next destination and need to prop of those tired legs left dangling from your seat.

Leggage Laptop Case Feet massage, travel gear, innovative smart bag for travel


7. Genius Pack Suitcase Offer Unique Laundry Compression Technology

It may cost you a pretty penny, but this bit of luggage can help you with that laundry problem you cannot seem to figure out. No matter what, you are going to be living out of that bag for a while as it is and you are going to have laundry accumulating that you have to then put back with the clean items into your suitcase. You can try to fold them back up and put them in a bag, but the smells may still seep through and it will still take up space. New patent-pending Laundry Compression Technology™ fixes that problem for you with this revolutionary Genius Pack luggage that includes a separate compartment for laundry that it compresses so that you do not need to give up precious space. Furthermore, it’s lined with a bag that you just need to pull out and hand over to the cleaners. Voila! Easy as can be and with one less hassle on your mind while travelling.

Genius Pack luggage, Laundry Compression Technology, travel gear, best innovative smart bag suitcase for travel


8. Wolffepack Swings to the Front While Staying Strapped to Your Back

With this cool backpack, all a traveller needs to do is swing the pack to the front, take the things out, and swing it back into place. Wolffepack utilizes a unique patent-pending feature called the expetoSYSTEM®, in itself an orbital trapeze technology.

backpack wolffepack backpack swings to the front but stays strapped to your back, smart travel bag

This helps address the problems caused by bumping into fellow travellers, feeling uncomfortable in your seat when you do not have the time or space to remove your bag, and worrying about having your pack on your back and not being able to keep a close eye on its contents. The wide straps help even out the load while the system keeps security in check.

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backpack wolffepack backpack swings to the front but stays strapped to your back, smart travel bag


9. Voltaic Solar Backpack Has Solar Panels to Charge Your Gadgets

It’s the 21st century all right and we are not only in a digital age, but also well within an eco-friendly age where our latest inventions ensure the environment is protected or natural energy is used to power our devices. Voltaic backpacks have solar batteries attached which will keep on charging your laptop, phones and tablets, using the sun’s energy to supply the power. It’s innovative and positively perfect when you are out in the wilderness, under the beating sun and you phone batteries start depleting too quickly. This is a great way to ensure you are never left without a working phone again!

array-karim-blog-Voltaic Solar Backpack Bags, Solar Panels Charge Gadgets, travel gear, best innovative smart bag for travel


10. ThermalStrike Heated Luggage Kills Bed Bugs

The bedbug problem is as real as it once was and just saying “Good night. Don’t let the bedbugs bite” won’t be helping you throughout your travels. The fact that there are so many people on the road has only allowed the pesky creature infestation to grow. This ThermalStrike Heated Luggage claims to kill any living bugs or eggs that may be in your luggage by heating up the contents to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60C) without causing any damage to your belongings.  It works by plugging into a traditional wall socket. At $249 for 20-inch wheeled suitcase, ThermalStrike is an interesting option indeed.

ThermalStrike Heated Luggage, smart travel bag, the world's only luggage that kills bed bugs


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