EU cool map of What Every Country in the European Union Is Best At 780x

Statistics is always boring. But when data is presented in the form of a nice colourful map like the one produced by the guys at The Thrillist, we are rather ecstatic to devour the information both for amusement and better knowledge. There are 28 countries in the European Union and based on Eurostat figures from each, the map has been drawn to visualise what every country excels at, taking into account drug use, daily living, and employment rates, among others. From the place where most people have quit smoking to the lowest cocaine use – it’s an interesting array of fun and often serious statistics presenting the world through a different perspective… well, at least the EU. Check out our pick of the 12 findings that are likely to surprise you most:

  1. Germany: Happiest with Employment
    Though the most populated country in the EU, Germany’s got more than enough jobs to go around.

  3. Poland: Biggest Producer of Apples
    Over 3 million tons of apples are produced in Poland each year alone, meaning that applesauce is never far from the table.

  5. Malta: Most Optimistic About Future
    Amazingly low unemployment rates make the Maltese the most optimistic about their future, particularly in the Mediterranean region.

  7. Italy: Highest Life Expectancy
    With a life expectancy of 82.03 years, Italy’s got the highest of the EU. Must be all that amazing food they eat!

  9. Slovakia: Most Work Experience with Robots
    Robots are a common thing in Slovakian homes and schools it appears, which has us wondering if the Jetsons was set out over on the Eastern fronts of the EU.

  11. The Netherlands: Most People Who’ve Quit Smoking
    Over 30% of the Dutch have already quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, but we have to wonder what they’ve replaced it with. Edible versions, perhaps?

  13. Romania: Lowest Cocaine Use
    It appears Romanians are not very interested in the powdery white drug. Interesting to see what they prefer over it, though.

  15. Luxembourg: Highest Foreign Language Proficiency
    By adulthood, 61% of this country’s population can speak at least 3 foreign languages proficiently. That’s a lot of language education!

  17. Czech Republic: The Best at Drinking Beer
    There’s a yearly consumption rate of 148.6 liters per capita in a country without sororities and fraternities!

  19. Denmark: Most Dancing and Singing
    As surprising as it may sound, about 35% of Danes have danced in the last 12 months, while 38% have sung.

  21. Finland: Most Tourists
    Most of the citizens of Finland, meaning over 88%, have become tourists in other countries during the year.

  23. Portugal: Highest Cork Production
    Just under 50% of the world’s corks come from Portugal, meaning boxed wines would have been the thing if not for this awesome cork producing country.

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