We are often strapped for cash but really would love to travel the world. If there’s nothing to hold us down, we can decide on creating our own adventure and really living off of what we make while acting as tourist while we move about from city to city, country to country and even between continents. In order to fund such a trip though, we need to figure out how we are to receive revenue while doing the things we love. Not all of us are keen on getting back home as quickly as possible, which means we should be able to find ways to make money while we travel. Here’s a list of some great things you can do:

1. Turn into a Japanese tourist and snap amazing photographs wherever you go

You can then upload them onto websites like Fotolia, GettyImages and ShutterStock in order to get paid for your “hard” work. You can sit back and enjoy the money coming in through the site thus.


2. Sell stuff online

You will be surprised at all the cool things you come across at places which you are visiting, pieces and souvenirs that people outside the country or even the city have no way of getting their hands on. Use online shops that you set up or just post up on eBay and you have money rolling in through resale!

 3. Make a delivery for some cash

You can always help deliver things to people who otherwise may not have access to them, thus earning you a little bit of pocket change to use along the way, particularly through the use of such websites as Entrusters and Hollaship. Teleporti is another means by which you can have actual objects delivered to places where you are heading for a small fee. See below how it works as explained by Entrusters:

Entrusters travellers deliver things to locals

 4. Sell you travel experiences online as a guide

Guidora is a cool new platform on which travellers can sell their itineraries online at fixed prices. This allows tourists to pick up the right guide for them instead of spending money on a guidebook with little information of note.

5. Pick up a freelance job or two on the go

Sites like oDesk, Elance and Peopleperhour allow freelancers to work from anywhere in the world, meaning you would be making money no matter where you are. You won’t even need to hop from job to job and will save yourself the stress of interviews and price negotiations thus. Whatever you are good at, be it writing, translation, programming or something else, you can start offering your services on those platforms within minutes.

6. Become a local tour guide wherever you go

You can share your own expertise in a place you travel too often or have been for a while by guiding new tourists around. This way you have the language skills necessary and you can put your know-how of the area to the test. Vayable is a great platform for listing your guided tour and get extra cash.


7. Get a temporary work

In London or major cities, bartending seems to be a job many recommend you grab for a while; on the other hand, places like Australia have a lot of seasonal fruit picking jobs that you can get your hands on.

8. Teach a language

This is a rather easy way to make some side cash as you run conversational classes. Nothing better than getting paid to talk to people in your native language and, most especially if it’s English, just making sure they pronounce the words correctly.

9. Become a travel advisor

Sites such as Plansify.com offer individuals with extensive travel experiencesthe opportunity to guide those who need some questions answered for a price. You can make quite a bit of money per month, but the website cuts are pretty big as well. All in all, however, it’s a cool way to add some dollars to your Paypal account.


10. Rent out your home for the time spent travelling

If you are set to go where the cost of living is much lower than that of your hometown, giving your house for rent might come in handy. The $1000 you make a month there can cover your living expenses abroad and still give you enough to party on.

11. Sell your stories for cash

As you travel the world, you are going to come across some of the most bizarre things, as well as some of the most heartwrenching stories. If you have a penchant to write, you can always sell those stories for dubious amount of money to sites like cashforstories.com, catersnews.com, mirror.co.uk or another platform of your choice. They will then, in turn, sell your story to the best mediums that would get you the most exposure.

12. Grab quick gigs for what you do best

Whether this includes cutting hair in hostels, finding a construction site in need of an extra pair of hands or playing an instrument in a bar, you can grab quick bucks for things you do best. Your talents can define what you make your money in.

Street musician cat

13. Take part in a focus group

Honestly, people will do anything sometimes for money and participating in focus groups that suck up a few hours of your time will help you gain a bit of pocket cash or even gift cards that can be used around the world. Check out findfocusgroups.com for some options availbale at the moment.