You’ve been itching to get a trip planned so you can finally get the vacation you have always dreamed of. You also want to be unique, tech-savvy,  on-the-ball and on the budget. What you don’t want is a cookie-cutter vacation package, instead opting for a more holistic version of a travel experience. This means you need to find your flights, book your hotels, maybe get on a cruise in the middle and all the while keep your life and plans organized. Huffington Post has created a splendid list of little-known resources that we believe will help you both in your planning stage and later in keeping track of things, as well as find cheap deals!

Pre-Planning Stage

  • Start with Everplaces: Here, you will be playing with Pinterest, but made for travel. Search for what you want, pin your favourite options and compare with one another on a single board. Particularly if you have an iPhone, you can begin planning for that vacation by checking out what’s available first… for free!


  • Talking about pinning to boards, another such site called Pintrips is known for allowing users to pin flights and compare and monitor prices. You can use this both in the pre-planning and planning stages of your trip!
  • Before you decide on planning that road trip, reading through some guides and stories on Roadtrippers (which focused on the USA) to get your heart pumping and gears turning might do you a world of good. Trover will also supply you with a health of real traveller stories!

Planning the Trip

  • You will want to keep an eye on the price fluctuation for your trip(s) and destination(s) and what better way to do so than through Google Flights. It’s a rather easy interface and perfect to keep bookmarked.
  • Skyscanner is an amazing option for quickly searching through over 600 airlines and aggregating the best results for you. It checks for the cheapest flights but also has hotel and car rental options to make your life all the easier.
  • Airfare deals, hotel deals and money-saving tips are all a part of the services provided by AirFareWatchdog. The only problem is that they may not have your city listed as a viable place to depart from, as is the case with Yerevan, Armenia.
  • Priceline is a rather interesting planning tool that allows you to either pick pre packaged vacations or create your own package by choosing flight, accommodations, car rentals, or simply taking a cruise around your favourite seas.
  • When it comes to booking a hotel, you can opt for either that does a great job in filtering options but doesn’t allow you to compare with other such aggregators, Trivago that compares hotel proces from 212 sites at once, or Hipmunk that searches for flights and hotels without you having to worry. Of course, hotwire is also another viable option that’s a little better known around the world and that which allows one to make flight + hotel + car combination packages in a rather user-friendly interface.
  • If you ever wanted to add a cruise to your list, know that last minute deals are amazing with Vacationstogo, while CruiseCompete and CruiseOne are also great in helping you plan your vacation at sea.
  • Custom trips may just be what you need and Mygola is another option for you to utilize in designing your trip the way you want. Then make sure you have checked into the best seats using SeatGuru. Before you decide on a hotel, you might want to check out hotel reviews “without extra baggage” at Raveable as well!
  • Honestly, you will want to be happy and comfortable, with all the flight amenities you so desire, which you can find through RouteHappy.
  • Once you have it all planned, you need to take out that packing list and the Iphone has the perfect free app for you, Packing Pro.

Keeping Track

  • You are going to need to keep track of your gas needs if you are off on a road trip and GasBuddy is that one free app that’s going to make life so much easier by helping you locate the nearest gas pump and keep your trip right on track (though it covers only the USA and Canada)!
  • You may also need help locating Internet acces along the way wherever you are in the world, and Free Wifi Finder on iPhones does just the trick.
  • The best way to keep track of everything is to organize it in a single place and that’s exactly what TripIt allows you to do.
Trip it app
  • Chances are that you will be taking a plane somewhere at some point and keeping track of your flights is a necessary evil. That’s where FlightTrack comes in, a free app for your phone that’s currently in its 5th version. It does one good to know that everything’s on schedule.

Enjoying Every Moment!

  • You’re finally at your destination(s) and now it’s time to enjoy and take some super-awesome photos to perfectly capture the moments. One of the best apps out there, providing the option for 360 degree images, is Photosynth. This free iPhone and Windows app will have your photos popping up through 3D effects and its wraparound features.
  • You’re where you want to be but you want to really get to know the place and figure out what to do at your destination. Jetpac city guides used to be a great way to use Instagram photos to discover new places, but it seems the site is being bought by Google and changes are bound to come up. If you want to feel a bit more like a local when visiting the USA, Localeur is the right app for you, while Like a Local Guide which covers many cities worldwide acts like a Yelp app for tourists to escape the traps you are bound to fall into and discover the hidden spots locals enjoy going to. Furthermore, you can leave your own stories for others to find using the Findery app.
Like a local guide
  • You are on a road trip and only God knows where you’re heading it seems. Enjoy the moment by using the free RoadNinja app that will not only help you find new places to see, nearest gas pumps and allowing you to share what you encounter, but it also has an additional feature that helps you save money along the way so that you can truly enjoy your trip.
  • A TravelAppBox app for iPhones is great for having guides, maps and games right at your fingertips as you travel through any terrain. You might even want to learn a new language along the way using DuoLingo while you use the JetLagRooster to keep your jet lag at bay.