American couple wedding on airplane, Southwest Airlines, frequent fliers
We all want our weddings to be extra special, planning for months, if not years, just how we would achieve that uniqueness that gives the celebration an extra sparkle. For one couple, the wedding dress and “I do” statements came to be in a plane, flying over US lands from Nashville to Dallas, complete with a flower girl handing out pretzels and peanuts, about 30 family members, and a whole planeload of random guests who had the privilege of seeing such a wedding take place this past Sunday.

Dottie Coven and Keith Stewart are a busy couple who have travelled around the country endless through their jobs and accumulated enough points to be able to cash in about 1.5 million of it in order to hold this impromptu wedding 35,000 feet up in the sky on Southwest Airlines. “We were literally sitting at a gate in Baltimore, waiting for a flight and just thinking, ‘What should we do?’ ” Coven told “And we thought, ‘What about getting married on a plane?’ ”

American couple wedding on airplane, Southwest Airlines, frequent fliers, girl passing peanuts
Well, it certainly happened on the plane and it was a blast for all who were present. Between watching the bride dance to the front of the plane and her brother in law give her away to creating a fun experience out of the whole ceremony, it was a blast. It was also a major marketing initiative for the airline as well, tieing in with their “NONSTOP Love” campaign. It wasn’t the first wedding on a plane and it certainly won’t be the last, but it was perfect for the couple and for the airline as well! All 143 customers other than the official invitees we re issues cordial invitations at the boarding gate and the ceremony was followed by a drink service. As a gift, Southwest Airlines decided to fly the newlyweds for free to San Juan, Puerto Rico, so that they might enjoy their honeymoon.

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