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Sauvage - Lotus Lace Coral - Chain Bikini Set

With the weather warming up and summer just around the corner, we are all stashing away our winter apparel and airing out those awesome lighter garments that will flatter our figures and let the breeze cool down sun browned bodies. Of course, what better garments to set out for our summer adventures than some Bikini Luxe swimwear and accessories, bringing the southern Florida surf to wherever we happen to be at the moment? Whether a trip to the closest ocean, lake or poolside, we are going to need to look positively fabulous, throwing our self-consciousness to the wind as we put on the form fitting, entirely too sexy bikinis that have us feeling like we are swimming in the lap of luxury.

Sauvage Swimwear Limited Edition

Bikini Luxe offers pieces that are known both for their stylish nature and absolute comfort, and we know we will be feeling as fantastic wearing them as we look. Having it be luxe means that we will look immaculately made up, priceless in getup, and positively fashionable, each string and triangle garment accentuating our natural curves, fitting to form, and showing off our bodies in a coquettishly cheeky manner. After all, there is nothing more satisfying that having a dozen pairs of besotted eyes follow your every step. This is a woman’s power and her flirtatious nature will ensure that she revels in it.

Only the best in material is used when it comes to the all-American Bikini Luxe brand, from Bali lace to laminated gold and bronze laser cut pieces, mesh hoodies to Indian summer silk kimonos. These are only the add-ons as well, for the actual bikinis are simply breathtaking on their own.

Bikini Luxe Blue Wanderlust Dress

Straps, chains, strings and crochet all make up the designs used on the bikinis available through Bikini Luxe. Single shoulders and cross body straps, shimmers and funky prints, extreme low rise and a few with higher cuts along the legs all make for extremely sexy looks. We find the crystal snake bikini in black to be especially appealing, the reptile in gold shine the only strap holding up the tube style top, the bottoms worn low on the hips to accentuate the fit abdomen. Whether a one piece or full bikinis, with Baywatch allure or cheeky things in sight, we crave so many of the swimwear designs that we know not from which end to start. Considering the plunging necklines are a big trend for 2015, it might be best to pick up a one piece with amble bust appearance and sexy cut-outs.

Sauvage Coral One Piece Swimsuit 780

Of course, if we are going to look fab while swimming or enjoying a good tan, we should look just as good doing other activities that require a bit more cover-up, such as activewear skorts and siren bras, pretty cut-out yoga tops and all types of high waist shorts and slim lined leggings. To finish it all off, we should add a few body chains and jewels.

Bikini Luxe website: www.bikiniluxe.com

(This article was sponsored by Bikini Luxe)