watch - Cleaner checking the bag at the hotel room - hidden camera revealed
When we head off on a new adventure, chances are that we’re going to be staying at a hotel, where there is a maid service to clean up the mess after us. What we fail to remember is the fact that those who clean our rooms are just as curious a cat as we are when we are discovering the treasures of the destination. The only difference is that their curiosity has to be contained to that which can be found inside the hotel. That only leaves hotel rooms to explore. They may not have access to the latest technologies at home, but if you leave what you’ve brought with you lying about, you can bet they will be going through it, trying to figure it out.

When we travel, safety is most important. The reason safety deposit boxes are provided in hotel rooms are to ensure one doesn’t leave valuable lying about, waiting to be stolen or touched by the maids. Furthermore, even if they are not taken or played with, chances are the gloves using when cleaning the toilets or anywhere else won’t be removed when they move your pieces about, effectively placing unwanted germs on your expensive pieces. Even if you must pay for it, it’s well worth the money spent!

This video shows a curious maid in a quality hotel checking out the mail and technology left behind. The owner decided to check what the cleaning ladies are up to during their time spent in our rooms and discovered that they are completely human and prone to breaking the rules. While all the rage seems to be centered around a curious lady, one must wonder how many people out there have not been just a little naughty during their work times. After all, we’ve all taken little peaks at the boss’ mails, found the little nooks and crannies and perhaps even touched what we shouldn’t have been going through in the first place. If you expect privacy, keep your valuable under lock and key at all times, or at least hidden well away from sight!