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Russian Suspension BASE Jumping Attaching Hooks to Skin(Scroll down for video)

Most people would not consider this a sport, so the definition is quite debatable, but if you are looking for the cream of the crop when it comes to extreme sports, try combining BASE jumping with suspension practices. Now, these are two very different things and normally the thought of such a sport can not only be unappealing but it certainly can be rather horrifying, even if all you watch is a video of the combination.

BASE jumping alone is terrifying and downright dangerous, having claimed the lives of 242 people since April 1981. It literally means jumping off a building, antenna, span, and Earth-based peak (usually a cliff) with a parachute and hoping against hope that it’s not your time to either meet your maker or get so injured you wished that would have happened. Suspension normally involved putting hooks through piercings on the body that may or may not be temporary, suspending a person thus. It’s gut-wrenching just to stare at an image of this type of “fun” people have, though it most certainly has the head spinning when you consider what it would feel like.

Now, add a parachute to those body piercings and think of the yourself as a bird flying through air while your skin is pulled taught and you pray you do not crash as you jump from on top of a building, cliff, or anything else. Russian daredevils known as the Sinner Team, headed by Stanislav Aksenov, had taken on the challenge. They are in fact a suspension crew that gathers often to try out new stunts and invites amateurs to join in where the professionals can be of help. Doing it alone is not only dangerous, but downright silly; you need a professional in the field to help out.

Stanislav Aksenov posts regular updates on crew activities on his Facebook page and these guys are featured on the Suspension website where they post up videos of their craziest stunts and remind the audience that there are some intriguing practices occurring around the world that one could partake in. Here’s their latest (the 7th ever performed) suspension BASE jump performed by Wes Kennedy:

Feeling shocked , ha?