DriveNow Carsharing BMW cars in London UK pay-as-you-go scheme

We all love the BMW car. We find it chic, luxurious and yet perfectly efficient. It beats so many other cars in its popularity, particularly in certain parts of the world. In the UK, it’s certainly a well-known brand that people turn to with trust. Yet the traditional ways of driving have become tedious and there needs to be a modern innovation that helps meet peoples’ needs. London has become the world’s most popular city for car-sharing services in Europe, wherein Zipcar especially has taken to the forefront of the market with its services that include fuel, insurance and up to 60 miles free per day with either the monthly or occasional driver plans. If on a 12-month contract, you can drive as little as an hour for the month and pay a mere £6/hr or £54/day with no additional fees involved. It’s one hell of a deal unto itself and BMW is driving right into the market by offering its own vehicles on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The German car company has already entered the German market with this service, as well as wheedling its way into Vienna and San Francisco. Now it has become available in London. The service is called DriveNow and is a joint venture between BMW and Sixt. The DriveNow Carsharing scheme works by matching available BMW cars to a customer’s location and allowing for a DriveNow customer card to open the car by placing it on the windscreen reader. You receive this card once you’ve registered online with the service and paid a one-time fee of 29GBP. The DriveNow card is valid worldwide.

DriveNow Carsharing BMW cars in London UK pay-as-you-go scheme card

Instead of charging by the hour, DriveNow will be charging by the minute as one is able to start the car only after putting in a pin that will automatically cue the system to monitor the car’s progress. One minute of driving in London costs 39 pence, one hour – 20GBP. As in Germany, DriveNow provides saver packages, where  customers can purchase blocks of minutes, as well as blocks of hours at a reduced rate. Fuel, taxes, insurance and parking charges come included in the price.

Once you are finished with the vehicle, you can leave it parked in any location within a defined business area instead of having to return it to a designated car-return depot, making the driver’s life just that much easier. There will always be enough cars to cover the whole of the city.

“Our customers now also have a superbly equipped fleet of BMW and MINI models at their disposal for all manner of uses in the UK capital,” comments Nico Gabriel, fellow Managing Director at DriveNow. “But the current fleet size and area of coverage are just the start for us. Next year, we plan to add the revolutionary BMW i3 and considerably expand the area served.”

You can reserve and book the vehicles not only through the website, but also via the DriveNow App, which you can use to find a car, book it, follow the quickest route to its current location, and even to open or close it!

DriveNow Carsharing BMW cars in London UK pay-as-you-go scheme app

DriveNow Carsharing a wonderful new service that’s definitely worth looking into and certainly gives tourists a chance to hire a car for a few hours or a few days. Multiple options to choose from and we are looking forward to seeing how this market develops!