Travel Portable Cocktail Kit by Stephen Kenn and Gin&Luck for travel

If you love intriguing new travel bags with surprises inside, you might want to check out this particular one of a kind design by Canadian-born Stephen Kenn and the guys at Gin&Luck. Travel Cocktail Kit is a pretty cool inventive product that’s made out of leather, and the elastic webbing kit comes with 9 empty bottles, a mixing spoon, and a book containing detailed instructions about packing the kit for different types of outings no matter where you end up going. It also includes 15 different cocktail recipes put together by those ingenious minds behind some of the world’s best cocktail bars.

Travel Portable Cocktail Kit by Stephen Kenn and Gin&Luck, The carry-on cocktail-making kits

It may not be something you take on a plane, and perhaps you may not want to be mixing cocktails when traipsing through a jungle (though, then again you might), but it’s a great little bag to take on picnics, camping trips and the like with you. You may even have it on you as you climb to the top of Everest and toast your success with the Heavens above and whichever version of a holy deity you believe in. After all, hard work always deserves to be rewarded with one hell of a lovely drink and there are no cocktail bars in too many places that you would be working hard in.