Wessex Water Bristol Bio-Bus, which is powered entirely by human and food waste, GENeco
The scraps of food from your table and sewage waste in general need not be wasted entirely. On the contrary, they can be used to power up homes, supermarkets and even busses, if these crazy British folks are to be believed. What’s not to believe, you say? Correct. We can already see homes that are entirely powered by bio-methane gases that are released by having food and sewage waste go through anaerobic digestion artificially, much like the method the body uses to digest the food it eats. For years alternatives that are greener than using up fossil fuels have been on the minds of individuals seeking to be ecologically safer, meaning there’s always room for eco-friendly improvements.

This is where the “poo bus” comes in, a 40-seater shuttle that moves passengers from the Bristol airport to Bath city, able to travel 200 miles on a full tank of the bio-fuel. A single passenger’s annual food and sewage waste provides enough energy for the return trip. The bus bus has been aptly named GENeco Bio-Bus and is expected to transport 10,000 passengers throughout the month. It is a sustainable way to travel without adding pollutants to the environment. Wessex Water knew there was more that could be done with the brown stuff while the Bath Bus Company capitalized on a new marketing strategy in the incorporation of a transport system that would appeal to the increasingly environmentally conscious populace. We wonder, though… how exactly does this bus smell?

Watch the video below for more information about the operation of this Bio-Bus: