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XOO Belt by Nifty Phone-Charging Belt, A smart belt that charges your phone, to power up

You are constantly out and about during the day and not always near a USB port with which to charge your phone. The fact is that so many of us will come home with phone batteries either fully drained or with the data shut off to salvage the last few percentages, just in case the device might become necessary. A new manner of charging was in need of development and seems it’s almost there with its funding goal on Indigogo too!

The XOO belt by Nifty is a phone charger unto itself that looks sleek and stylish. It’s like a James Bond movie where an article of clothing can be so advanced that it will come in handy for use with technological devices. With enough power to fully charge your phone at least once, this is a breakthrough in smart accessories that will one day lead to a digital takeover of sorts. Imagine it’s not just your belt but also your shirt pockets or ties worn to work that can charge your phone, perhaps without the USB cord either, but wirelessly. This particular piece, however, has been designed with a new type of Lithium Ceramic Polymer flexible battery, meaning it’s ultra safe, while also being weather-resistant and able to take a beating if not handled carefully.

This is how the XOO belt works:

XOO Belt by Nifty, A Phone-Charging Belt, A smart belt that charges your phone how it works

The actual charger is plugged into your phone discreetly, while you work and run around during the day. It shows no bulges but appears to be a simple belt, except with a lovely surprise. No matter where you are, climbing a mountain or in the middle of a forest, the XOO belt will help ensure you never go without battery life in your cellular devices again. The battery is sandwiched between leather layers, wherein you receive 2100mAh through a cable you attach, the full charge delivered within 3 hours.

This is how you charge XOO belt:

XOO Belt by Nifty Phone-Charging Belt, A smart belt that charges your phone powering up
XOO belt itself comes in 4 sizes, looks ultra-chic and uses the best materials. The buckle holds some of the battery power, while you will also be able to personalize belts and buckles soon enough.

Watch this video to see this belt in action (Note that this is a prototype with none of the polish of the final product):