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Did you know that under European Law you deserve up to 600 Euro in compensation if your flight is delayed, cancelled, or you were denied boarding? That means that if a flight is overbooked and you are not allowed on, you should receive reparation. It also implies that if you wait in a terminal for more than 3 hours for a delayed flight, you should be getting money back. And, if you happen to have the worst of luck, and your flight is entirely cancelled, your experience warrants partial reimbursement.

It’s likely that you, like most people, did not know about this claim opportunity. That is because airline companies are doing everything they can to cover up this fact. But the experts at ClaimFlights are here to expose the secret: Law EC 261/2004 is your golden ticket to the flight reparation you deserve.

According to the law, it is possible to receive compensation for European flights which either originate or depart from a European country. The possible payout is based on a sliding scale which includes both the length of the trip and the number of hours you are delayed. At the very minimum, it is possible to collect 250 Euros and, as mentioned, in cases of long delays and/or long flights, the amount can be as high as 600 Euros.

ClaimFlights not only wants to make sure you know about this service, they also want to help you get the money you warrant. So, even though airlines use their power and clout to make it extremely difficult to file your claim by ensuring there are plenty of hoops to jump through, ClaimFlights’ professional service is here to support your fight for justice.

ClaimFlights’ goal is to streamline the process so that their clients have nothing to worry about. That’s why ClaimFlights asks only for basic information about the flight in question. The entire process usually takes under 3 minutes and, after that, ClaimFlights completely takes over the complicated claim process! This means that they will deal with all the legal issues, from background research to choosing the best court and lawyer for your case. They also make all the phone calls, send and respond to all correspondence, and ultimately bring justice to clients like you.

According to their research, individuals who file a claim without support like that provided by ClaimFlights have only a 26% success rate. Even individuals who hire lawyers have difficulty, since most lawyers lack the internal resources like SDS-B flight data from airports and/or they do not do successful research into the flight, including examining the weather and news data from the day that ClaimFlights has access too.

Knowing this high failure rate, ClaimFlights’ network of flight claim specialists will also take your case even if you have already tried to obtain compensation and were either refused or received no response from the airline. That is how much they believe in their system and their ability to reach fast, successful agreements. And the best part is, you can’t lose – ClaimFlights only charges for its services if the case wins.

If you’re interested in making a claim, check out the ClaimFlights website for UK customers and for international customers. To best support you, ClaimFlights is a European Registered Company with links in multiple countries.

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