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For every traveler out there, the phone can be one of the most frustrating items you take with you. For some reason, those silly seemingly smart devices decide to play dumb when you need them most. Of course, if you are trekking through forests and hiking up mountains, if the signal exists, you want to be able to use these things, both in an emergency and simply to get your needs done. Except it does not always listen and somehow dares to feed on your anger, reducing you to begging it to work. The problem is that you haven’t cleaned it well or often enough and the phone is all clogged up, sending out its own distress signals. That’s one reason why Lock Booster exists. It is a revolutionary new way to clean up your phone without having to remember to manually select your cleaner.

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Lock Booster is a simple way to clean up and boost your phone without any added complications. No phone finder attached, no anti-theft anything. Not even an anti-virus. What you do is unlock your phone with a swipe or password and it automatically clears out the cache. It will speed up your phone in a jiffy, saving battery time as it goes. It gives you some perks as well!

  • You will be supplied with updated weather services, where a forecast for up to three days will show up on your screen. This negates the need for any extra apps that tell the weather for you, effectively saving up space.
  • You are given an intelligent reminder that displays the reminders from apps you have allowed to display on your screen, while handling them requires only a single tap. Easy way to have it all collected in one place.
  • You may access certain tools through the locked screen as well, including putting it on airplane mode, connecting to Wi-Fi, turning on the light of your torch, and accessing your calendar, all through the shortcut feature.
  • The addition of HD live wallpapers is also extremely easy through Lock Booster, proving you a wide array of choices with the 20 predetermined styles available to you.
  • Phone encryption is a handy tool that’s made available through the app as well, allowing you to add a password to protect your phones privacy from likely intruders.

At the moment, Lock booster is available on the Google Play Store, though not compatible with all carriers. A Nexus 5 and many others it will work with perfectly, so long as they have an operating system of Android 4.0 and up. With its small size and big features, it’s certainly worth the download.

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