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Barbie themed room in Hilton, Buenos Aires, Argentina, bed

Pretty in Pink and Legally Blonde have got nothing on the pink that will engulf you as you enter the Hilton hotel in Buenos Aires, or should we say, one particular room that’s made specifically for Barbie lovers! Most of us grew up with Barbie, dressing her up, or undressing her often, brushing her hair and making makeship dollhouses. We fell in love with the plastic little human-like toy and brought her with us everywhere we went. We often asked for barbie themed rooms and loved those Barbie-themes parties. Now, we get to truly wake up in a Barbie world if we happen to stay in a Barbie-themed hotel room that’s become a permanent addition to the Buenos Aires Hilton Hotel.

Room 136 is currently available and devoted specifically to everything Barbie, in celebration of 10 years of collaboration with toymaker Mattel, with whom the first Barbie-themed room was made available temporarily in 2004. When we say it’s a Barbie World in of its own, we mean that not only is everything pink and posh, but you also have a personal catwalk between bed and wardrobe, a closet with a major focus on shoes and accessories, and a spa bathroom perfect for primping up and relaxation.

Barbie themed room in Hilton, Buenos Aires, Argentina, TV

Bright pink adorns the walls, the pillows, the dressers, the closets, the bathroom and everywhere in between. You sleep on pink sheets and check yourself out in a pink-rimmed full sized mirror at the edge of the pink catwalk. It’s simply so pink, we wonder if you might be able to prevent the colour from entering your dreams as well! Too bad there’s no ken doll included though little Barbie dolls do line the room for your playing pleasure. Even the 32-inch plasma television is wired to run non-stop Barbie films for your viewing pleasure. In essence, pleasure is the aim and Barbie is the means to achieve it. You paid for a Barbie World and you will not be disappointed, it seems.

Barbie themed room in Hilton, Buenos Aires, Argentina, items

Starting at 112 Sterling Pounds a night (around $180 USD) and ranging to nearly $570 USD during peak season, this room is surprisingly already booked up till the beginning of 2015. Most of the world had yet to even hear of this new marvel. Though now we know where we may be staying if we ever decide to head over to Buenos Aires!