End of tenancy is a very important part of moving out or offering a flat or house to a potential tenant. Regardless of your position in this – landlord or tenant we often feel the need for professional help when a cleaning of that magnitude is on the horizon. There are literally thousands of companies with varying degrees of professionalism in London alone, not to mention the rest of Britain. Before you pick a company however you must be aware that not all of them are good at what they do so you will need a way to separate those capable of doing a good job out of those who will simply ruin your day. In this article we will offer some tips on how you can find relevant information about them both online and offline through various means. We begin with the following:

Word of mouth

Although this is the most logical solution a lot of people nowadays miss the significance of what can be obtained directly from people who have been clients of a cleaning company. Ask previous tenants or other landlords about companies they have been utilizing and what their opinions may be before you contact a company directly. A lot of what you will be told by company representatives will be a sales pitch so you will always hear positive facts and self-confidence from them. What you need is a sold, real opinion and that can only be given by someone you can trust.

Online business directories

A very useful tool in today’s economy, these websites offer a comfortable combination of databases which often have the option of rating a company and commenting on their business practices by registered users. You will usually see a good mix of opinions both positive and negative so consider this as a good replacement for the word of mouth method if you don’t know anyone who has hired such a company. The websites in question feature freeindex.co.uk, uksmallbusinessdirectory.co.uk, b2bindex.co.uk and a number of others where these are the main operating very well within the UK.

Choosing a company

This can be a very important choice since the people you’re hiring will have access to your home and everything you own in it. You will be better off first talking to them in as much detail as possible about what you want from them, how they’re going to go about their tasks, their prices and any special requests you might have for them. Note the way they approach your request and ask for a representative to visit your home before the cleaning. You’ll be able to explain what you want done and how. Some companies clean by the hour while others offer packages and deals for students or members of companies as benefits packages. These affiliate programmes are a wonderful way to get a good discount on services if you happen to be a part of such a company. Do some research into whether such benefits are available for you before hiring.

Ask for references, identification and estimates

A company which has been in business for a long time won’t have a problem providing you with the necessary information and they will have nothing to hide. Because of the large number of companies in London alone for example a lot of them don’t always operate in an honest manner so make sure you can be absolutely certain you’re getting what you’re paying for. Their employees have to be fully vetted and ready to show identification that they belong to the company in question before you let them into your home.

This post was written by Philis Chapman. Philis is a devoted housewife who galdly provides tips and ideas on how to ease the cleaning chores in home.

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