The gap year has become a rite of passage for many young people, who are keen to head overseas and explore. With its rich culture, fun nightlife, and beautiful mountains and beaches, Europe is the number one choice for many travelers on their first big overseas adventure. However, all that fine wine and priceless art comes at a cost, and you’ll probably need to top up your savings at some point. Working in the UK can be a great way to fund your adventures while experiencing life in a different country.

If you have just finished school or uni and don’t have much work experience, pulling pints in an English pub is a fun, easy way to start working in the UK. With a pub on every corner, you can choose to live in the bright lights of London or overlooking the ocean in a quaint seaside village. All you need is a visa and a plane ticket, and you could be working in the UK in no time.

Here’s our guide to the best places for young Aussies keen on working in the UK.


One of the world’s biggest, most exciting cities, London is a must-see for every traveler, and the best place to start when working in the UK. There are literally thousands of pubs where you could find work, from traditional inns to trendy modern bars. However, there are also a thousand distractions in London, which can make it difficult to save money if you’re working in the UK to fund your travels. If on the other hand you want to live it up among the world’s best theatres, nightclubs, live music, museums and restaurants, then a London pub is the ideal place to start working in the UK.

Rural England

A million miles from the crowds and traffic of London, the English countryside is a patchwork of lush green fields lined by cobblestone roads. A traditional rural village can be a great alternative for working in the UK, particularly if you are trying to save up for your next European adventure. Beach-lovers should head for the picturesque regions of Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, where the cost of living is much lower than in London, and you can enjoy all the benefits of working in the UK along with magnificent beaches and plenty of fresh country air. Most pubs will provide accommodation and at least one meal per day, as well as a weekly salary.

Hippest hotspots

If music and the arts are more your thing, Brighton or Manchester are the best places to start working in the UK. The southern gem of Brighton is the country’s most vibrant seaside resort, with sunny beaches in summertime and a legendary clubbing scene all year round. Music lovers find paradise in Manchester, England’s northern capital, which is home to famous bands including Joy Division and the Chemical Brothers and has a vast selection of live music venues.

This post was written by Madeleine Clague+ who is looking forward to working overseas again.

Image: Churchill Arms pub in Kensington (London) by Flickr user Ewan-M