Belden Island, Branford, Connecticut, for sale has its own sandy beach and 100-year-old farmhouse that adds character to the setting, privateislandsonlineBelden Island in Branford, Connecticut, has its own sandy beach and 100-year-old farmhouse, $4 million. Image by

When we think private islands and single person ownership, we can often only imagine millionaires and moreso billionaires making enough dough to be able to afford their own little kingdoms far away from the rest of the world. We think helicopter pads and depressed obsessive workaholics who require bigger and better guys in order to feel a sense of self-satisfaction. What we don’t consider is the fact that many islands around the world are actually quite affordable for most people making well into the 6 figures in salary.

Coming out of the Island of Man: The Island of Adventure, a descriptive infographic has been creating using the information from and showing off 30 islands available for purchase worldwide, from the cheapest falling in Ontario at just under $100,000, while the most expensive can be found in the lagoon of Venice, going for around$15 million. While the Canadian island is quite affordable, it does not afford one with a luxurious estate close enough to land but far from prying eyes that Venice does. You have the Turtle island in Australia with its peculiar shape, while the largest island at 950 acres is located in Madagascar. Taking a look at the website the infographic has taken into data from, one realizes that the cheapest islands are indeed in Canada and can cost as little as $30,000. Forgo a car and buy yourself an piece of land in the sea instead! You can find islands at varying prices on every continent, so that you need not worry about going too far from home if you are in need of a vacation home in your own little kingdom.

30 Private Islands Around The World for sale That You Can Actually Buy, infographic

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