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Google Maps has saved the day time and again when we were lost out on the streets and in unfamiliar neighbourhoods. It has led us astray a few times, but the peace of mind we have through the knowledge that there’s an app on our smartphones that will show us the directions when needed really cannot be replaced. There’s another reason to love the Google Map app now and it has everything to do with the fact that a click of a button can save you time and energy, helping you choose the best restaurant around to dine at with your travel partners while also helping you book a taxi on the spot.

Restaurant booking  from Google Maps

Google Maps app Restaurant Reservations Open Table US

As it stands, Google Maps has incorporated Uber and OpenTable into its well known feature, making things just a little easier by offering you the option of booking a taxi and a restaurant right from the Google app. Furthermore, the feature offers estimates of uber’s pickup times and prices for you to compare with what it would cost to walk or transit to your destination. Sometimes a taxi is more than necessary if you are strapped for time or freezing in the winter frost. Though the app features are currently available for those in the United States, Uber and OpenTable do operate in other parts of the world as well and we are hoping the Google Maps options to use them will spread outside America soon enough.

Time and taxi fare estimates for Google Maps’ Uber card

Uber card, taxi booking, Google Maps apps

The fresh new design of the app that you will be able to see in the next few days, combined with the Uber and OpenTable additions, makes Google Maps the best application to keep on the homepage of your mobile phone, just in case you need it in an emergency. With the Holidays ahead of us, it might just come in handy!