Hard Rock Cafe fan Kay Kalkbrenner
Every brand has its die-hard fans who would be willing to go that extra mile to show their appreciation for the brand’s products and services. It’s not often, however, that you meet such a staunch supporter who would travel the world just to have visited every last branch you have open. That is what a 28 year old young man from Frankfurt, Germany has decided to do, however. A family trip to Hong Kong in 1997 spurred Kay Kalkbrenner’s obsession with the Hard Rock Cafe chain, wherein he has spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless years finding every last branch even in the most exotic of places. From Kuwait to Kazakhstan to Cancun and South Africa, this man’s done it all!

According to Kay, the cafes give him the incentive he needs to travel. After 15 years of visiting cafe after cafe, however, his taste for burgers and fries, no matter how delicious, has wavered. Between suing up his annual leaves from work, missing family occasions and spending thousands to get from one place to another, it’s quite clear that german fandom takes on a whole new light. Apparently the man enjoys up to 10 trips a year, costing him around £1,500 per destination. According to the Daily Mail, “he has just returned from a two week tour of Asia and is currently in Kazakhstan to visit the chain’s new restaurant in Almaty.”

The Hard Rock Cafe, opened in June 1971 by two Americans in London, only has 191 locations in 59 countries at the moment. Of coruse, wherever Kay Kalkbrenner goes, he always buys a keyring as a reminder of his adventures.

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