There are many hotel booking sites available for the average use, with new startups or branches of successful enterprises popping up on a daily basis. However, none can offer what Tingo does. What makes this TripAdviser company member so unique is the algorithm it uses to ensure that you will always be getting the best deals possible, not just at the moment, but in the long run. Tingo automatically rebooks your hotel stay as it sees the prices drop, refunding the difference to your credit card. Since the average person may never actually check if there has been a price drop at the hotel where reservations have been made, such a tool can come in handy for saving the one a large amount of money! Furthermore, Tingo loves to send out notifications at every rebook so that the customer is fully aware of home much is being saved over a long period of time.

Tingo works in a way that locks the lowest price in whenever it spots a deal. It has already saved customers a hefty $1,000,000 and will be continuing to serve the masses with the same rigour. According to the site’s press release, the average price drop refund is around $52, while the highest price drop refund ever given has been $2,851 on a stay in the Seychelles. The largest percentage of a reservation ever refunded is 91% on a one-night stay in Reno, NV, while the greatest number of price drops any one reservation has ever had is 26 on a four-night stay in Tokyo.

Tingo hotel booking website refunds

Tingo also notifies its customer base when a better room is available for the same price in the hotel they wish to stay at, ensuring we are treated to free upgrades as well as refunds on our reservation purchases. The highest chances one has of obtaining a price refund is through Las Vegas hotels, followed by New York City and Atlantic City. At the end of the day, we all get to enjoy huge savings on hotels we were already going to be staying at. This certainly makes the life of the average person that much simpler.