Brooklyn Bridge New york
The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York’s top landmarks and has historically been used as a means of getting across the water when the metro has been broken down or lost power. Where once it was used to carry men on horse and buggies between the landmasses, not it is a large 6 lane road connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn. Completed in 1883, it’s one really old bridge that attracts many a tourist. Unfortunately, this also means people love to evade security and scale the bridge to take pictures from the top of the iconic span. There have been 3 such incidents in the past 4 months, though doing so is illegal and can lead to arrest.

When it comes to such events taking place, one has to wonder at the efficiency of the NYPD as well as the allure of New York City. After all, those who climb to the top are there to snap some awe inspiring photos that they otherwise have no access to from the ground. On Sunday, November 16, this particular Frenchman, identified as Jonathan Souid, 23 (pictured below) decided to climb the tower on the Manhattan side of the pedestrian walkway on the bridge and has been arrested. ‘The Brooklyn Bridge must not be trespassed upon, no matter who does it or for any reason,’ said Ken Thompson, Brooklyn District Attorney, in his statement.

Brooklyn Bridge in New york, USA, man arrested for scaling the bridge to snap photos 780px

On July 22nd two German artists scaled from both sides and replaced the American flags with white flags instead. About a month afterwards, a Russian tourist was also arrested scaling the tower as well. It seems tourists to the region hope to make daring moves that, in turn, endanger themselves, but also give them a breathtaking view they would not have had if they stayed where the law allows.

Brooklyn Bridge in New york, USA, man arrested for scaling 780px