We often take the most simple of things for granted, thinking everyone will do it as we do. We forget that the world is vast, the people too many and the cultures quite simply very different. So when it comes down to thinking about how some cultures may do things differently, we are stumped. That’s why this list was put together to remind you that while the world is not black and white, it most certainly is full of comedic action and impossible feats.

This is How We Ride a Ferris Wheel in India

It’s not only in North America or Europe that both children and adults enjoy a theme park or travelling fair. Here’s one example of improvising in India, where human labour makes up for lack of electricity. The best part in all this? This ride can be taken anywhere, anytime, with no need for technological help in giving fairgoers some fun.

This is How we Drink Beer in Japan

You will manually pour from the tap but here in Japan, technology will that for you! Just grab a glass and let the beer froth over before you sit down to enjoy a drink.

This is How we Have Fun in Zimbabwe

They got their hands on the wheels of a sweet bus and put on a drifting show! It’s amazing how such an event would have made those in America wrinkle their noses and look to their souped up expensive cars. Yet, in parts of the world where those cars wouldn’t make it off the roads (think dust and sand and general geographic conditions), they opt for something more practical, more inclusive of a community and thoroughly fun.

This is How We Fish in Russia

And you thought fishing was boring. Other than rumours of using grenades and shotguns to catch those fish, Russians have discovered an ingenious way to catch a whole load of these seafaring critters if need be. Check it out for yourself!

And This is How We Take Epic Selfies in the UK

What’s the most daring selfie you’ve managed to take? Can’t think of anything grander than from on top of a building? We can definitely think of  at least one Brit who has outdone himself and managed to defy gravity, the laws of physics and all things holy with this particular selfie!